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CS Ubuntu Newsletter

June 2016


In this newsletter, please find:
  • An update from the Board
  • Save the Dates for the CS Ubuntu events for June
  • A calendar with events that might be of interest to CS Ubuntu-members
  • Some food for thought if you want to continue reading
  • Internship Opportunity 
Enjoy the read!

Sam, Emmalien & Jana
CS Ubuntu activities
16 June Excursion to Political The Hauge
18-19 June Night of the Refugee
20 June Ubuntu's Summer Gerneral Assembly 
22 June Summer Gathering + CS Ubuntu's BBQ

Other activities
6 June AISU Charity Concert
11 June WEurope Festival
17 June Post-Arab nationalisms
4-8 July UCIS on the refugee crisis
Update from the Board

Dear Ubuntu-ers,

Happy birthday to us! Although, to be fair, our official birthday is only in a few days (June 6), we already threw quite the party last month. From 17 - 20 May we celebrated CS Ubuntu’s very first Lustrum Week – and we don’t want to brag, but it was pretty amazing! Kicking off with a Panel Debate on contextualizing the refugee crisis, we were off to a good start right away. The Lectures’ Committee had found extremely knowledgeable people to fill the panel, and it turned out to be a thought-provoking and dialogue-triggering evening for all of us. 

We did not have much time to be sad about Wednesday’s cancelled excursion as there was already a workshop lined up for Thursday. During the Ubuntu-Talk workshop we left the academic approach, and learned how to listen and speak from a more personal level. Talking about identity and conflict, we came to some beautiful insights on the topic and ourselves. A big thanks to the Ubuntuhuis, who’ve organized this evening for us! 

To close off the Lustrum Week we went for a delicious dinner in the centre of Utrecht, which ended in a toast (okay, possibly more than one) in café De Stadsgenoot – our new regular café! 

From the Board we’d like to thank once more the Lustrum Committee, the Lectures Committee and the Activities Committee for setting up this amazing birthday party. 

Cheers, and to many more!

P.S. We still have some very unique CS Ubuntu Lustrum mugs for sale! Please contact Jana@ to get this collector’s item ASAP!

Upcoming CS Ubuntu Events

Excursion to Political The Hague (Pro Demos and Humanity House), 16th June @ The Hague- 10:30 AM- 16:00 PM.
15 euros- post-reimbursements for members The long-awaited excursion to The Hague is finally happening. In the morning we have an English-spoken tour through the heart of the Dutch political center, guided by Pro Demos.

At 13.30 we will go on to the Humanity House, a museum on (in)humanity and which tries to give you some insight into what it is like to be a refugee.

If interested send an email to: The deadline for signing up is May the 30th, as due to the reservations we need to know in advance how many people will join us.

Night of the Refugee, 18-19th June @Nijmegen-Arnhem 10 PM – ca. 10 AM

Last year CS Ubuntu joined for the 10K walk during the Night of the Refugee to raise money for the refugee-programme of the Red Cross. This year there is a group that is willing to go even harder, as they will walk 40K to support the Night’s cause. Former CS Ubuntu president Wieke Vink will be among them, and all Ubuntu-ers are welcome to join!

If you want more information on the Night itself, please visit the website: To join the walk with the (former) CS Ubuntu group, you can contact Wieke by e-mail: 

CS Ubuntu’s Summer General Assembly, 20th June- @ Drift 21- 18:30 to 20:30

To round off this busy year, our last and final GA will give an overview of the activities done this academic year, budgeting and finances update and the new board will be revealed. EXCITED? Come and give your feedback and input on the current board activities and future of our Organization.

Summer Gathering + CS Ubuntu’s BBQ- 22nd June 6 PM – 10 PM - Free for members!

Good weather is on its way and a great year must be concluded with a BBQ gathering of our members. Keep an eye on our Facebook page since more information will be given soon!


Other Interesting Activities

(In Dutch) Charity Concert // ARTIKEL 1 // Amnesty International Utrecht (AISU), June 6th- Hofman Café (Utrecht). 17:00-onwards. Free Entry

What does equality mean for you?

Abiding byArticle 1 of the Constitution: The principle of equality that is the fundamental right against discrimination. Discrimination in the Netherlands is a hot item again in 2016 and should be discussed.

Equality, unity, respect, and tolerance brings peoples together. Everyone has the right to equality in education, the labor market and in the legal justice system. Activists and speakers will be discussing such issues alongside artists and drinks.

Join AISU for this insightful night!

More information @:

(In Dutch) WEurope Festival- Max van der Stoel Foundation, 11th June @ Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. FREE- Registration required

It is widely acknowledge that Europe is facing turbulences, standing at a crossroads of major sociopolitical and economical shifts, the refugee crisis, the Brexit referendum, radicalization are putting the European Union to the test. How do we shape the future of Europe? This question will be debated on by Frans Timmermans PES vice-president Jan Royall and party leaders of the Belgian Socialist Party, John Crombez, and Diederik Samson of the Labour Party.

Additionally, there will be food trucks and a great deal of music and entertainment throughout the day! We highly recommend CS Ubunters!

For more information and registration @

(Pre-presentation in Dutch) Living on one dollar - nagesprek over extreme armoede, 13th June- Hogt Filmtheater Utrecht. FREE, Registration Required

This documentary screening is presented by Prf. Dr. Erwin Bulte (Development Economics UU Faculty) that will discuss the reality of billions of extreme poor and the problems they face. Additionally, the repercussions and responsibilities that developed countries face given such extreme realities.

Register @ WWW.HOOGT.NL.

Post-Arab nationalisms: What is the future of religious and linguistic minorities in the Arab Middle East?, 17th June, Julianaplein The Hague. FREE. Registration Required.

What’s the current state of Arab Nationalism. Whether in the form of its pan-Arab or its nation-state variety, it has failed to provide a viable and stable alternative to the colonial structures that preceded it, either Ottoman, British or French. It seems to have similarly failed to address the tensions between Arabs and non-Arabs in the Middle East and it has not been able to solve the inequality between Muslims and non-Muslims, also when non-Muslims identified as Arabs first and foremost. None of the alternatives, however, building on autocratic military rule or on Islamist ideologies, have contributed to such a stable society.

The policy part of the conference that engages with current issues intends to continue the discussion of the academic sessions that addressed the development towards Arab nationalism in the period between the two World Wars, when the mandate governments backed by the League of Nations constituted the major political power in the region.

More detailed information @

Registration through

UCIS Summer School on the refugee crisis in Europe, 4th - 8th July. Provided by Utrecht Summer School.

Interested in learning about the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe as well as international studies and what it can offer?

This one-week Utrecht University Summer School focuses on the major features of international studies, delving into both theory and practice, from a legal, governance and humanities-based perspective. Through lectures, interactive working groups, expert panels and excursions, participants will gain an understanding of the various elements - and their interplay - involved in international studies.

Apply online now @

Food for Thought

Global Online Platform (Project Syndicate) - The Middle East Exchange
In the face of regional turmoil, exacerbated by the rise of the Islamic State, many Arab governments are embracing a new solution-oriented agenda – focused on economic diversification, improved education systems, and private-sector-led growth – to stimulate reform and development. In "The Middle East Exchange" Project Syndicate, in partnership with Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, provides a unique global platform to help frame and stimulate regional and global debate on the vital development issues shaping Arab societies. Read more…

Article (Project Syndicate) - Sykes-Picot, Middle East Underwriter, Dead at 100
BERLIN – On May 16, 1916, in the middle of World War I, Great Britain and France signed a secret pact in London. Officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, the deal, negotiated by the diplomats Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot, has determined the fate and political order of the Middle East ever since. But not for much longer.
Read more…

Article (Balkanist) – Here We Don’t Live Just To Live: On Tuzla’s Kapija Massacre And The Politics Of Selective Memory
"Here we don’t live just to live / Here we don’t live just to die / Here we die / So that we can live – from 'Uspavanka' by Mak Dizdar". These words of Dizdar’s poem are engraved  onto the memorial of Tuzla’s Kapija massacre, which happened just over 20 years ago on May 25th, 1995. Dizdar’s poem is written to a child, a baby who has come into the world without words or teeth to protect it. 20 years ago, young people from Tuzla were gathered in the main square, celebrating what was in the old Yugoslavia the Day of Youth. Shelling was common, but townspeople said they generally knew when to expect it – primarily for holidays like Eid, Easter, Christmas. No one thought that the Day of Youth would be a day for bombs, and so they gathered.
Article (New Yorker) – The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump
The radical progressives decided there was no difference between the democratic left and the totalitarian right and that an explosion of institutions was exactly the most thrilling thing imaginable … If Trump came to power, there is a decent chance that the American Experiment would be over.
Read more…

Internship Opportunity
Internship at Ubuntuhuis (Utrecht) 4 Hours/week – “Ubuntuhuis is a small  organisation based on solidarity with people who have been or are still  homeless, living in poverty or without a legal status. People who experience these situations themselves work together at the Ubuntuhuis in different languages. Several days a week we organise meals, Dutch lessons, a vegetable garden, being together, theatergroup, sports, etc.

We try to support people in their contact with institutions and professionals, sometimes difficult, but with the aim to improve their personal lives and collective situation as well.

We are a very informal and poor organisation and good in "thinking small". But in order to survive and to learn "thinking big", we would like to welcome a student for an internship on social media and funding. As the practical work has always gotten priority at the Ubuntuhuis, we’ve yet to develop a good social media approach to communicate better our message as well as attract funding. 

If you’re looking for practical experience with social media and fundraising, if you’re interested in helping to develop an ambitious yet feasible plan, if you’re enthusiastic by the idea of working at a local organization, and if you have about 4 hours a week during 9-12 months, we are interested to meet you and talk this over!”

Please contact for more information. 

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