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Welcome to the Autumn Newsletter

We hope that you have all had a wonderful summer.  Here at Tasman Bay Chiropractic we have all  taken the chance to enjoy some leave to re-charge the batteries, replenish the soul and connect with those that we care about.

We have again kept the practice open throughout the summer and as a result have met a wonderful variety of visitors to our region - tourists, ex-locals back on holiday, those who are visiting family members or folk on an extended NZ visit who have a string of chiropractors organised so that they can maintain their care plan.

Caring for our regular patients who have perhaps undertaken irregular activity (testing their skateboard skills, trampolining, mountain biking etc!) and prompted the need to make one or two more visits than usual, has also kept us busy and kept the energy about the place buzzing!

Finally, do you know someone who would be the perfect addition to our team? See below for the ad for a new CA - we are happy for you to share this!

We look forward to an energised and exciting year ahead.

Best wishes

Corrian, Dan, Mel, Lynley and Victoria

Position Vacancy at
Tasman Bay Chiropractic

Tasman Bay Chiropractic is looking for an outgoing, energetic person to join the front-of-house team.

• Are you passionate about promoting well health?
• Do you have previous experience in a front-of-house situation?
• Are you a team player with a collaborative working style?
• Do you have a desire to learn on an ongoing basis?
• Are you comfortable using computers and familiar with a variety of different programmes (Mailchimp; WordPress; Google)?
• Do you have a flexible schedule?
• Would you be comfortable working sole-charge?
• Do you have excellent communication skills?

We have a Chiropractic Assistant role available on our team. The position is two-three part days per week (likely Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, Saturday morning) with the need for availability to cover leave or sick leave. You will be joining a team of two experienced and trained CA’s and two chiropractors.

Please apply in writing, with CV, to
Tasman Bay Chiropractic
64 Oxford Street

For a full job description please ask one of our friendly CA’s, or email
Applications close 5pm, 31 March 2017

Spine Time with Dr Dan
A New Year, new resolutions and, for me, still walking the talk. I spent my summer two weeks off doing some unplanned field work on behalf of our health dedicated Tasman Bay Chiropractic tribe.
In my household, the Christmas holiday stress gets compacted into two full-on, full-house days where this year we had 13 people staying including my younger brother-in-law and his four rambunctious boys. So on Christmas Day we both decided to get out of the house to clear some air and go for a light jog up the Richmond Hills (post-Christmas Day lunch…) It is worth noting that anything remotely physical that is undertaken between male members of my family automatically evolves into some sort of challenge, or in this case a race up the hill to see whose lunch efforts would stitch them up first. I would like to point out that although my brother-in-law is a handful of years younger than me, I do keep myself reasonably fit. It was pure bad luck, and a bit of the aforementioned stomach cramps, that allowed my attention to wander when going through a gully and some fairly uneven footing. A stumble, an ankle roll, and a little popping noise later and I was hobbling slowly back down the hill while I insisted he continue to the top of the ridge to see the view over our beautiful valley.
I did what you’d expect any good doctor to do and diagnosed it myself as a partially torn/strained lateral tendon or extensor digitorum brevis, still allowing good range of movement, toe extension and muscle strength uncompromised. The bruising and swelling was spectacular so my body was well into the process of inflammation as the first phase of healing. I iced, strapped and elevated it telling myself that if it did not progress as a tendon sprain should over the next few days, I would get a second opinion.
A week later, after hobbling around Quinney’s Bush, doing some foot-easy activities such as the water slide, BMX track, swimming hole and the odd water fight I was slightly concerned. The swelling had reduced, although there was a deep throbbing pain on the side of the foot where I thought the damaged tendon was still healing. We moved up to Marahau for a second week at Old MacDonald’s Farm. The first day it rained and I was in a grumpy mood, possibly because my foot ache was getting worse. I had noticed that over the space of just one week that my limpy hobble had progressed into back and neck pain and aches in the knee opposite the foot I had injured.
Now all my wellness-orientated clients will probably realise that I was undergoing a serious case of functional neuro-musculoskeletal compensation. My body was trying to maintain a level posture while one leg was flaring outward to make walking comfortable, rotating my pelvis and shortening the muscles of the opposite healthy leg, putting rotational strain on that knee joint and tightening the small stabilising muscles of my lower back, putting additional stress into the upper spine and neck, which tried to make sense of it all by activating those little muscles at the top of the neck that inform the brain that something is out of balance down south. The result… headaches and fire alarms going off in several places around my body and an educated decision to go and get my foot x-rayed before I ruined everyone’s holiday.
I have to admit that as a chiropractic doctor, I was overall impressed with the care given by the on-duty doctor at Nelson Hospital’s ED. She showed me one image of my foot when requested as a professional courtesy (experience has proven that it is always an effort to get an x-ray released from the hospital system). She explained that the tendon I had thought injured was actually holding the 5th metatarsal fracture together quite nicely and didn’t need surgery in that particular location! We discussed not immobilising my foot in a boot, but using strapping for stability. When walking I was instructed to keep my feet pointed forward and use the crutches if this was uncomfortable. This would prevent my pelvis twisting which might possibly hurt my lower back if my posture was unbalanced.

I said 'I quite agree'.
Yours in Health
Dr Dan
Nelson/Tasman Club trainings are Monday and Wednesday
from 6:30 – 8pm at
Waimea Intermediate Hall
48 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Contact Dan 021 077 0264

Winners at TBC
Congratulations to the winners of our monthly lucky draw. To be in to win, pop your appointment card showing six completed visits into the jar on the Reception desk. You could win a free adjustment!

December     Suzette James
January     Lauren Kidd
February     Angela Wilson

Adjustment Ready?

I have been thinking lately about all of the wonderful clients I get to see on a weekly basis.  A diverse cross section of our community is represented at TBC, and through our various interactions, even though the time may be brief, I appreciate hearing how people are doing and what the general feeling is amongst the community at any given time or season.

Whether you come early in the week or late, have had a hectic day or a blissful weekend away to recharge your battery, I am reminded through the course of the week that we are essentially all dealing with the various circumstances thrown at us, and sometimes the same circumstances; a chaotic day, the recent fires in Christchurch, the weather going crazy, the unsettling political climate.....

For example, I was talking with a client last week who was mentioning how a number of people he had been speaking with lately had felt that because of the lack of a Nelson summer, it was as if they hadn't had a break.  People were still feeling the same level of tiredness as they had looked forward to throwing off from 2016 because the summertime 'aaaah' factor never arrived.  There is much to be said for having weeks on end of sunny, calm, clear sky days where you can just sit in an environment that promotes rest.  Grey skies and unrelenting gusts of wind create the opposite effect.  We do live in seemingly troublesome times and naturally this can impact our health and sense of well being.

Lately you may have noticed your CA's gently reminding you about how you use your time as you are sitting in the adjusting room before your appointment, although you are very welcome to browse through a magazine and perhaps you are using your phone (that you have switched to silent mode! Thanks).

Have you considered that arriving at the reception area after having come in from the world that may have been a bit full on - kids, work, weather, etc - that this is the perfect opportunity to leave everything outside the door and completely switch off all the white noise, make yourself unavailable to text traffic, breathe and take the moment to listen to your body ie be mindful of giving your body permission to prepare for your adjustment?

Whatever the care and techniques Corrian and Dan are applying to your current situation, your calm readiness is the perfect assistant to your nervous system responses and to promoting the healing that can be achieved.

If your mind is clear, you will be less likely to forget about 'that thing' you came in to tell your chiropractor or draw a complete blank when they ask you how you are and you pull out the default answer on auto pilot: 'good thanks'!  I can just picture Corrian looking at your face and hear 'Hmmmmm'!

In her book 'Mindful 2.0' Mindset Coach Vikki Kelly makes the comparison of our stressful  brain state with having too many tabs open on our computer screen – remember how the running of that system becomes slow when coping with too much at once? 

(We recommend asking your CA about this wonderful tool if you would like to read Vikki's advice on applying her formula for coping with stress. ) And as for your appointment - close down all other tabs and leave only the tab named  'you' open.

At TBC our goal is that you get the most out of your adjustment and care with us.  Whether you have just begun your journey with us or  been with us for many years, it is a valuable investment for you to take the time to be Adjustment Ready!

(Note: If you have small children with you who are happy to be in the play area, remember that you also have a CA on hand to read stories and give cuddles to support 'caregiver time' and support your adjustment.)


Did you Know?

We welcome referrals into our practice. Two of the sources of these referrals are close family members who are patients,
and other chiropractors.

In recognition of the referral and the commitment to chiropractic that this type of referral implies, we often allocate a free adjustment to this new patient. This is our way of launching the new patient into their care with us. 

So when you refer a family member to us, or a visitor who is a regular chiropractic client, be sure to remind them to let us know that you have referred them!
Over the past three months I have seen a significant influx of referrals from my patient base for which I am extremely grateful and very encouraged by.
As you all may know, I am a very passionate chiropractor and have spent many a long weekend attending seminars and contributing to running the profession (I have just completed a five year stint as President of the national member body, the NZ Chiropractors’ Association.)
I appreciate being able to share this passion with your family and friends in the endeavour to help them achieve their health goals.
My current focus is very much on being the standard in health care and with your help I have a continued opportunity to work towards this – to achieve my goals and, more importantly, support as many people as I can to achieve their desired health outcomes.
The best way to introduce your friend, family member or colleague to our practice is to talk about your own experience in our practice and encourage the person to make a connection with our office so that we can explain who we are and how we work and begin developing the interaction that is critical to care here at TBC.
We are lucky enough to live in a regional semi-rural town and I practice in a generalist manner so our practice can accommodate people from all walks of life – the forestry worker through to administrative worker, new babies through to our seniors. I have completed extensive training in the methods of doing this effectively.
Thank you again for your support.
In Appreciation
PS Make sure you start your winter sport conditioning early. And yes, it should include a spinal check up!
Hi everyone

For those of you who are members with Southern Cross health insurance policies, it has now become a little easier for you to make your chiropractic claims. Tasman Bay Chiropractic has very recently joined with Southern Cross to bring to you the easy pay scheme. This means that those of you with policies where chiropractic care is covered can now make your claim from our front desk. We can see immediately from Southern Cross what they will pay so we charge you only the surcharge, then we claim the difference back from Southern Cross directly. If you have any questions regarding your policy, please contact Southern Cross directly.

We are still learning this new system, so please be patient with us to enable us to achieve this more streamline claiming for you.
Kind Regards

In health and with best regards from us all
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