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Volume 6 Issue 10 - 1 September 2015

QECMM Version 10 released,
NMI creation for Multi-Tenancy Dwellings
 & Technical Updates

Queensland Electricity Connection and Metering Manual (QECMM) Version 10 released 

A revised version of the Queensland Electricity Connection and Metering Manual (QECMM) has been released and will be effective from 1 December 2015.

QECMM Version 10, aligns requirements and work practices for both Energex and Ergon Energy and provides minimum requirements for connection of supply and metering of customers' installations.

A short presentation of the major changes is available whilst full details of the recent changes are provided in Standards Alert A336.

Multi-Tenancy Dwellings - NMI Creation


Electricians currently working on multi-tenancy dwellings, including units, (3 or more dwellings) should register all units for NMI creation before making application for a Connect Agreement and subsequent linking of the EWR to the Connect Agreement.  

NMI Creation requests will be actioned by Energex within 3 working days and a confirmation email will be sent once the NMIs have been created.  NMIs will be available in the Electrical Parnters Portal (EPP) when the next system update occurs.  System updates occur at 8.00am, 12.00pm, 6.00pm and 12.00am each day. 
The NMI Creation Form can be found under the reference section of the EPP or on the forms section of the Energex website.

Technical Update

Metering Panel Changes

The addition of a solar PV inverter energy system may require alteration to customer’s metering installation, under clause 7.7.2 of the Queensland Electricity Connections and Metering Manual (QECMM).
Electrical Additions & Alterations (Minor) - Where minor upgrades are carried out to a customer installation (e.g. additional tariff or IES metering, load centre change, replacement of a meter panel within an enclosure where the enclosure is not being replaced) the meters may be left in the existing location, provided the metering location is suitable to the metering provider (refer to Clause 7.7.3 for unsuitable locations).

Installers should refer to the QECMM for unsuitable locations and where required, upgrade or relocate the metering panel.  If a location is deemed unsuitable, a Form 3 will be issued by Energex.

Removing Control Load metering when installing solar 

If a customer advises that they no longer require their existing Off-Peak Control Load metering, and request the removal of the associated meter and equipment, it is important that Energex is notified in the 'Additional Information' section of the Electrical Work Request (EWR) of your solar install job.  

Failure to notify Energex will result in the customer continuing to receive network charges for the Control Load Tariff.

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