Summer 2013 was Awesome at Covenant Bible Camp!
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The Lord Provides and Guides

Perseverance was the theme for Covenant Bible Camp in the summer of 2013.
The theme was selected because it is a solid theme running through Scripture - persevering through temptation, through conflict, through suffering - to reach the finish line and receive the eternal crown of glory. We prayed that the many campers who must persevere through difficult circumstances would be encouraged by the good news in the Scriptures that they are not alone - that God knows them and their trials and will strengthen them to face whatever life may bring. And they were. Many campers committed to receive Christ and persevere in a life towards Him until they meet Him in glory  - others asked for anointing to recommit to this journey, and others were edified and encouraged as we laughed, cried, and worshiped together.

The ice on the river didn't break up until May 26 - the latest spring in twenty years. This caused substantial flooding throughout camp. The Lord made the waters drop on the day camp began. God provided, and we persevered. Flooding was even worse on the Yukon River which wiped out much of Galena, a village where one of our speakers serves as Pastor. He had to cancel speaking at camp four days before it began to provide for his family and church. The Lord provided another speaker int the last minute. God provided, and we persevered. There were a thousand details where we saw our Heavenly Father provide for the campers and staff as we made our needs known. 

Eighty-seven volunteers served thousands of hours at BIble Camp this summer on staff during the May/June camping season. An additional twenty-five volunteers served in July and August - from Manistee, Michigan, Gig Harbor, Washington, and around the State of Alaska. 

In addition to serving close to 400 campers between the ages 8 and 25, we hosted a couple of volunteer work teams, started the foundation work for the Paul Johnson Memorial Shop, hosted a Cultural Orientation Camp for the Bering Strait School District, a Covenant Youth of Alaska Prayer and Planning Retreat, and a reVision retreat for servants of Christ around the state of Alaska.

Bible Camp's Volunteer Needs
1) A CPA/book keeper to volunteer to do our books (we currently hire someone). 
2) A registrar/office guru with computer saavy to volunteer with Nick in the office full time Unalakleet beginning in March or April through the end of June. (Room and board provided).
3) Medical staff (MD, RN, or PA) to serve at Camp for a week or longer between May 28-July 3, 2014.
4) Skilled Mechanics and Carpenters are needed each summer/fall to do maintenance work and fix buildings and vehicles.

Maybe the Lord is calling you to come and see His face as you serve?

Bible Camp's Material Needs
1) We need a new truck. The Camp truck is a 1997 Chevy 3500 that has seen sixteen years of heavy ministry use. It currently runs, with several minor issues (no 4WD, persistent coolant leaks, etc). The truck went out of commission on the last day of camp last summer. After several weeks, we were able to get it fixed. It was a real eye opener. It takes months to get a truck out here on a barge, and when our truck bites the dust, during camp, we won't be able to afford to wait that long. The truck is our sole safe way to transport a camper or volunteer to town in the event of a major medical emergency (requiring a backboard). Having a reliable vehicle is a serious safety concern. We are raising funds to buy a  full sized pick up truck for Bible Camp. Our goal is to raise $40,000, which includes the cost of shipping. Shipping a full sized truck to Unalakleet costs near $10,000, but the cost is well worth the safety of the people who come to Camp to encounter God's love in Christ Jesus.

2) A Scholarships. Our goal is to raise $15,000 for camper scholarships in 2014. We had to turn several eager potential campers away in 2013, and we are hoping to avoid that this year.

Bible Camp's Prayer Needs
1) That campers who made commitments this summer will persevere and mature in their faith. That seeds planted would bear much fruit.
2) For the Lord to bring in a strong team to serve in the summer of 2014 and meet all of the needs of the ministry.
3) Perseverance through the dark cold winter in Unalakeet.

Thank you for your concern for Covenant Bible Camp and the youth of Western Alaska.

In Christ,

Nick Bruckner
Camp Director

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