Our work as God's servants gets validatedor notin the details.
2 Cor. 6:4 MSG
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Get Equipped

Toward the end of the year it is somewhat daunting to consider committing to support a cause of ministry.  We all know that the month of December is full of requests from nonprofits asking for money; having been a decision maker for a giving church or organization investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in nonprofit ministries and now as a leader of an organization that either thrives or dies by donor income, I have learned a few things from both sides.  Let me suggest several ways to make a great decision: 1) Read a book, 2) Set criteria for your priorities, 3) Evaluate your options by those criteria and 4) Annually review your options. 


Happy Giving Tuesday!

We initiated our Expansion ‘16 with a goal to bring Tom Planck and Julia Jech on full time to increase our capacity to serve churches and leaders. We have been excited to see how God has worked through many of you to begin this journey.  We projected our need would be $115,000 in additional support through one time gifts or monthly support over 18 months.  Thus far we have either committed or received approximately $80,000!
We need another $35,000 committed through monthly commitments or end of year giving to sustain these staff.  We ask you to pray and consider giving to HGC to help fill our $35,000 gap this Giving Tuesday! 

Meet Our Partners

Click to watch this short video to learn about Alejandro and Carmen De Francisco and their mission to plant churches in Madrid, Spain.
This month we would like to highlight a couple who are raising money through 3 Worlds and Global Strategies to start a church in Madrid, Spain. They pray that this church would be a seed to begin a planting movement in Europe. I have been involved with Carmen and Alejandro De Francisco for the last couple of decades.  I have seen him plant 20+ churches and watched some of those churches plant other churches.  Alejandro is probably the closest person I have seen in our current times to match the Apostle Paul’s perspective.  I have seen them live without for the Kingdom, I have seen them over and over trust in our Lord to meet their needs; and He has met them every time. He has moved them to start churches, find a leader and move on, seamlessly.  Did every church grow and reproduce?  No, but neither did every church that Paul planted!  Read Revelations 1-3. 
I can think of no better investment in world church multiplication than supporting in them personally.  To support Alejandro and Carmen, click the link below. 

Your Brother,


Registration is Open

HGC will be at Exponential East in April and hosting our own pre conference, Growing Brilliant Leaders, Teams and Churches. Tickets for both are available for the lowest possible price of $158! 
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