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In the press

I&P held an opening ceremony for its new office in Abidjan on January 31st
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The Agence Française de Développement grants a 400 000€ loan for the creation of a new IPDEV fund in Ivory Coast
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I&P was in PME magazine, 1st Ivorian economic magazine, among the main economic partners for the development and promotion of Ivorian SMEs. Read the issue

I&P created a photo database of its investee’s companies in partnership with the photographer and artist Béchir Malum. Some of these photographs will be exhibited in Arles.
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I&P is one of the 7 winners of the IEIF grant. The grant awards a toolkit designed to start a local investment fund in Africa. Learn more


Olivier Lafourcade will be in Oxford for the Skoll World Forum from April 9th to 11th

I&P will be hosting Randall Kempner, ANDE’s CEO, for a presentation meeting in Paris on April 14th

Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales : JM Severino's speech in Geneva on May 13th

JM Severino will be giving a speech at the OCP University Conference  held in Rabat on May 15th

Africa-France-Japan Forum held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Olivier Lafourcade's intervention in Paris on May 16th  


I&P becomes an AMIC (Association Malgache des Investisseurs en Capital) member
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I&P renews its membership to the ANDE as well as to the EVPA network.

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Joan Bardeletti, author of "Les Grands Moyens"

"I am a photojournalist, and a specialist of the African continent. I find a way to express myself and investigate through images; my shootings enable me to access unknown and arcane environments; for me, it is a way to get scientific samples: I am not looking for an exhaustive picture; I dig deep and try to crack the codes of some uncommon aspects of Africa..."  
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I&P partners with Kiva, an American crowdfunding platform

Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) partners the crowdfunding web platform Kiva for a brand-new funding project in response to the financing boundaries imposed to small African entrepreneurs. This fundraising was closed within no more than 30 hours. 
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Our partner entrepreneurs

Portrait of Sidi Khalifou, CDS Manager in Mauritania

As soon as his first two years in engineer school at Sup’Méca Paris, Sidi committed to water and energy access for all by volunteering at Engineers Without Borders.

His professional life is strongly characterized by his enterprise-based experience
: beyond his long experience as project manager for the GRET, among others, he founded et managed ECODEV, an NGO committed to local development and environmental issues in West Africa. He is also founding partner in ECO-qualité, a consulting cabinet specialized in local development.
He joined CDS as a shareholder in 1993 and started being involved in the company’s management, then led by his father, as a consultant for CDS in 2007. He took the lead of the business, three years later, in 2010, and gave a different orientation  to the company. When opening CDS’ capital to I&P and Lundin for Africa in 2011, Sidi enabled the company to start solar equipment distribution. In 2013, 18000 persons were given access to water thanks to CDS.
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In brief, our partners' news
CAT Logistics (transport, Mali) has been for the past few months carrying transportation and logistics missions between Ivory Coast and Mali within the framework of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in MaliWatch the slideshow

Nutrizaza (Agribusiness, Madagascar) went through a rebranding last February when releasing a new packaging for its baby food, Koba Aina
Duopharm (Health, Senegal) held on March 7th an official dinner for its Investor’s Club during which Patrice Gomis, investment officer in Dakar, led a debate about “shareholding  & entrepreneurship”
FIDES Microfinance Senegal started to develop its first warrantage tests with a dozen village granaries. This product should enable rural producers from North Senegal to sell a part of their crop at better prices during the hunger gap, and favor off-season activities. These stocks will also serve as a strong loan guarantee for Fides.

IPDEV portfolio 

- In January, IPDEV paid in the last third of its participation in SAPHAR’s financing, a Nigerien drug distribution company. In the portfolio since 2006, SAPHAR is now the 3rd pharmaceutical group in Niger.

- Sagex (Agribusiness, Cameroon) merged in December 2013 with Kawtal, its close neighbor. This merger intends to gather technical and human means of both companies and plans on a 1000 ha corn production as soon as the upcoming season. This merge offers good perspectives to process baby food over time. IPDEV now holds 38% of Kawtal.
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Intelligence & Analysis

A growing interest in impact investment from Development actors
What is « impact investment Â» according to the GIIN? A definition Investisseurs & Partenaires closely sticks to.
- EVPA promotes social investment into the banking institutions through its report Social Impact Strategies for Banks (March 2014)
What reality for private equity in Africa?
- Ernst&Young, Finance and consulting firm posted a report called « Private Equity Round Up –Africa Â» for the past year (2014)
- The Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA) stated in its 2013 Q4 report that “$1.6Mds invested in Sub-Saharan Africa by private equity investors in 2013”, 
> McKinsey Quarterly released a publication about Hidden investment Opportunities in Africa (February 2014)
I&P committed to the MDGs achievement
« Development : what can we expect from 2015 ? Â», an article by JM Severino and Mathilde Bouyé.
- I&P took part in the Convergences research studies on access to essential services through microfinance solutions.
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