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Cell phones distract drivers, and increase in fatalities. Some of you may be considering “hands-free.”  Here is a great study by the National Safety Council that shows there is not much benefit to going Hands-Free. The reason seems to be that once that phone rings we lose most of our peripheral vision.  Our brain just reacts to that sound or task in a way that limits what we see. Look at the second attachment on this…astounding.  So, what do we do?  First, you must have a Written Cell Phone Policy that fits your agency’s needs.  It must address the use of personal cell phones on non-state related business. 

My suggestion is that the use of cell phones be prohibited while the vehicle is in motion.  You can use the RMD reports to help enforce that. 
What else?  Don’t call your drivers when they are obviously on the road.  Set up a schedule for them to call in that will fit their activities.
Other than that, it seems the fatalities have corresponded with increased speed limits.  The RMD Program-IF YOU LET IT-will provide all of the training or ammunition you need to focus your drivers on this issue: SLOW ‘EM DOWN!

I saved this for the last word on Hands-Free vs Hands-On because everyone loves a video: Myth Busters

Report My Driving

Spencer Artman at DOC wanted to let us know about their efforts regarding Report My Driving. They have 1900 vehicles and they are at about 40 different locations (I’m just guessing on that #). Anyway, they are everywhere and it’s sometimes like herding cats. Here’s what he said:

We did the same as well (referring to DOT’s program). Once before Christmas and now since we are still finding a few, have required an acknowledgement forms to be signed by Wardens, Regional Directors, etc.  We need to revamp our policy, could you send out a copy of DOT's policy?

When the DOT finishes up, we will blast that out.  Might be a good template.  I appreciate everyone’s efforts on this project and remember, when you surplus a vehicle, you have to, at least, deface that phone #.  Here’s the actual sticker removal process.
Auto Physical Damage 
Sharde’ Brown runs the APD program and wants to remind all of our listeners out there in Fleetland about a few things:
  1. Call all auto accidents into Netclaims (1-877-656-7475)
  2. They ask you this question at the end “Would you like to make a claim under this coverage?”  If you say “no”, we send it to Archive.  If you say “yes”, you get instructions on what we need.
  3. We now use the Netclaim # as an  alternative claim # so that’s all you need in the subject line for us to match your estimate, police report, or photos to the file.
  4. Everything goes through without any copies to Sharde’ or me.
  5. If you don’t utilize Alternative Parts, add a week to the process…tell the shop up front.
  6. We let you know when we pay the shop and you can start the repairs…but, don’t jump the gun.
  7. Move totals to your agency if possible…Towing storage fees are capped at $450 and you could end up paying the amount over that.
And speaking of Sharde' brings us to our next segment.

"On the Road with Sharde" 
     Agency Visit with DJJ
I had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Banks, Erica Seamon (Both pictured right) and Kerry Anderson (unavailable for photo), of DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice). We discussed everything APD! It was a great opportunity for them to ask me questions about the program, but also provided me with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities. DJJ does a great job of managing their claims and communicating with me for any guidance. One of the major concerns I have for all agencies is vehicles left at tow/storage yards. We discussed the importance of quick action, as the vehicle is collecting fees every day, and that there’s no one solution that fits every situation. The main point I stressed is to decide what works best for the agency and call me if not sure on what to do. This was a very productive meeting and I extend an invitation to any agency that’s seeking training.

Jim Sever wonders why we send out the  No-Fuel list when all you have to do is 3 clicks in ClearView to keep your reputation (and Tier) pristine.   He wonders…we send it out.


Saw a state vehicle with a seal that failed to connect the agency with the state.  Here is the language from OPB  Policy10 which cites the applicable law.  There is no wiggle room in this.  If the markings on your agency vehicles do not indicate that connection, you must correct that immediately.

This weekend, I tried to build a cabinet.  Reading the papers (as if anyone still reads the paper), it looks like I am not the only one having trouble. Things haven't changed much in the last eight years or 200 years for that matter.

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