Cultural Heritage of Humanity, The Phoenicians, and Delicious Grapes
Huzzah for Zibibbo!
Really, this is BIG NEWS. Zibibbo grapes have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but Zibibbo has at least been enjoyed since Phoenician times. If humanity has been cultivating the Zibibbo Grape for this long, it must be damn good!

Now, all that goodness has been recognized in a monumental way. Zibibbo farming in Pantelleria, Sicily has become part of UNESCO's 
Cultural Heritage of Humanity List. It is the first agricultural activity to ever join this list. 

It's not every day you get to eat like an ancient Phoenician! Zibibbo grapes boast a remarkable sweet and tangy flavor, we have them
 in two beautiful ways made by La Nicchia in Pantelleria:
Zibibbo Grape - Raisins 
8.8 oz (250gr) 

• Dried in the Pantelleria Sun
• Extremely plump and juicy
• Eat as a snack and paired with nuts & cheese 
Zibibbo Grape - 

4.9 oz (140gr)

• A very special sweet syrup
• Concentrated Zibibbo flavor 
• Eat in yogurt, in herbal tea, and paired with cheese
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