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April 2016
JOTA Newsletter

Jamboree on the Air 2016 Reserve the Dates: 14 - 16 October

Eagle Scout and Ham Radio – A New Perspective

Don, W3LNE, has a new article out about demonstrating the benefits of Scouting and amateur radio to parents.

Check it out at Eagle Scout and Ham Radio

Scouting Publicity Guide

We've just published a comprehensive guide to developing publicity for all your Scouting events. This includes Jamboree on the Air but also any other activities you'd like to promote within your unit, district, council, and community. 

JOTA Event Tips

Don, W3LNE, has also written up his tips for operating a superb Jamboree on the Air event based on years of experience. You can find them all at JOTA Event Tips: Plannning a JOTA event, you can do it!

ARRL Youth Nets Webpage

The ARRL has established a Youth Nets Webpage to serve as a resource for finding network activity that involves youth. The K2BSA Amateur Radio Association is forming a committee to develop Scouting Nets in the USA. You can also find a listing of world-wide Scout nets at Scout Radio Nets. This is a great way to get more youth involved with amateur radio. If you're interested in participating in forming amateur radio nets, first join the K2BSA ARA and then sign up for the committee.

Dayton Hamvention Scouting Booth

Once again the ARRL Expo will be providing a booth for Radio Scouting. If you're at the Hamvention, May 20-22, be sure to stop by and say hello. If you'd like to help out by staffing the booth for a few hours on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, please contact Jim Wilson, K5ND

National Parks on the Air

ARRL 's National Parks on the Air Program is a superb way to activate amateur radio in your Scouting activities. Note, too, that one of the options for the "Five Star Activator" Award is to activate a National Park System unit with a youth group or Scouting program.

You can see the latest schedule of activations at Registered Events Within 10 Days. You can find all the details at NPOTA 2016.

Get on the air at a National Park

K2BSA 2017 Jamboree Vision

We've developed an overview that captures the essence of our plans for the K2BSA operation at the 2017 National Jamboree. We've also just published the first draft of our full operations plan

We currently have 80% of the 40 full-time staff positions filled. We still need more staff members. If you're interested in serving on the Jamboree staff, here's how — Jamboree Volunteers

K2BSA Amateur Radio Association

Everyone is welcome to join the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association. Dues are $12 for a lifetime membership. Join here. The 2016 Action Plan has just been published.

K2BSA Branded Merchandise via CafePress

The K2BSA Amateur Radio Association has entered a partnership to offer branded merchandise through CafePress. Partial selection shown here.

Click on the image to see the full product range at the storefront.

2015 Patches Still Available – See the Archive

The 2015 JOTA patches are still available if you need them for your collection. It's BSA Supply Order Number 622541. Order Online. You can see the full patch archive dating back to 1983 at JOTA Patch Archive.
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