Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and national lockdowns 2021 performances and live events have been cancelled or postponed again this Easter. The Passion Plays which are such a meaningful part of Easter for so many people are an important part of the story-telling heritage in the UK. We want to keep these traditions alive and see Passion Plays flourish once more.

We will publish news of any performances between now and the summer on our site here and on Facebook. In the meantime, here are some online performances from the Passion Plays around the UK:

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Havant Passion Play present a series of filmed monologues for Holy Week 2021! They will be posted daily during Holy Week through social media.

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ONE CITY, ONE STORY... A large-scale theatrical production is planned in the city of Edinburgh in 2022 across multiple sites, involving a diverse cross-section of the city on Easter weekend. Watch a series of short films for Easter 2021 at The Edinburgh Passion | Facebook

“Scenes from the Passion” is created in partnership with Princes Street Easter Play Trust. These are online monologues filmed around Edinburgh featuring characters from the Easter story and an audio recording of the Easter Play Trust’s production of “Saturday”. These recordings will be released chronologically throughout the Easter weekend.

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During Holy Week 2021, you can watch the online premiere of ‘THE DEVIL'S PASSION or Easter in Hell’. Framed satirically against a contemporary ‘War on Terror’ backdrop, it offers a radically fresh perspective on the timeless narrative, an audacious hell’s-eye view of the Passion of Christ, by turns comic, gripping, poetic, pungent and heart-stirring.

‘One of the most remarkable evenings I’ve spent in the theatre.’ David Suchet

‘Satirical, darkly comic, thoroughly stimulating production’ The Observer

‘Vivid, comic and lyrical twist on familiar events’ The Sunday Telegraph

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On Good Friday 2 April 2021 at 12 noon and 3 pm The Passion of Jesus Play recorded in 2019 in Trafalgar Square will be livestreamed on the Wintershall Facebook page. The livestream lasts for 90 minutes. The livestream will be posted on YouTube afterwards for those who missed it.

Wintershall are committed to returning to Trafalgar

Square on Good Friday 2022 and will perform the Passion of Jesus play together with other towns and cities across the UK as part of our One Good Friday project.

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Looking for a creative and engaging way to experience Lent and Easter this year? If so, The Passion Stories may be your answer.

Six videos are performed direct to camera by Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter and a young centurion called Marcus. Vivid, immediate, personal and compelling, they recall the events of Holy Week in accessible contemporary language.

Themed studies accompany each video. They include material for reflection or discussion, questions to ponder and a related prayer. Ideal for small groups, individuals, or for church services, The Passion Stories download is free with an option to donate to LAMPS’ work.

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Drama Kirk from Lanarkshire present a film “With Arms Wide Open” which lasts for 30 minutes and will premiere on Easter Saturday at 2pm. Filmed during lockdown, the 30minute film features two professional actors in the roles of Jesus and Luke, as well as members of the Drama Kirk team.

Drama Kirk’s 2021 Passion Play tells the Easter story from the perspective of Gospel writer Luke, putting Jesus’ story together years after his death and hearing from the disciples what their encounters had meant for them. It also includes a series of flashbacks to that final, fatal week.

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‘Cast the First Stone’ is a brilliant documentary following the production of a Passion Play at Louisiana State Penitentiary in the United States. It shows a side of Angola prison that most people never see—the good side. The film focuses on inmates in the prison’s Drama Club who, along with female inmates from the nearby Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, are preparing to stage a production of The Life of Christ.

You will need to fill out the copyright agreement which can be downloaded from the top of the page on our Passion Trust website here, but it is worth it!

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