Aquamarine from Malawi
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Gemstone mining in Malawi

Early in the morning our guard wake us with the words: “Your water is heat” It is 5:30 in the morning and a chill wind is blowing up the side of the hill where we are mining. A quick bucket bath wakes me up and I am ready for another day of mining aquamarine.

We are 2400 km North of Johannesburg in central Africa and the beautiful  Blue Crested Lourie squawk away in the nearby indigenous forest. We are in the warm heart of Africa and at 07:00 my miners start working. Everything is done by hand here. No sound of machinery can be heard. Nearby the dong of the school clock calls the primary school children to the classrooms. They all want to learn because “in the end we conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught” Baba Dioum


We do our planning for the day. It is a bit like playing the Lotto. You never know in which direction the next crystals will be found. The indicators are all there. We have some large sheets of mica and a good solid patch of yellowish feldspar that the miners call ‘Ivory stone’ .

We are close. By 12:30 we strike the pocket. It is a huge crystal of lower grade beryl. We keep on working at it and by the afternoon we have taken it out. It weighs a whopping 840 kg’s. What a feeling! There is nothing like it. The thrill of the chase and the eventual success at the end of the day. We try to take the crystal out whole but natural cracks break it up in pieces of around 80 to 100 kg. The one end has good color and I decide to keep it as big as possible and hope I can find a buyer that will want to make a nice carving from it.

After 5 months of mining I decide that it is high time to bring some of the merchandise back to our store at Hartbeespoort. Back in Lilongwe we have to deal with the mining department and the customs people and after 4 days we have the export papers in hand. Now we must get the load to our store. Easier said than done. Nobody want to take our load. It is too big for the couriers and too small for the large trucks. After two weeks of negotiations we have found a shipper who will bring it down.

The aquamarine  will be cleaned and in our yard in the middle of this month. I brought a few kg with me of the more glassy smaller crystals and these are available for sale right now. This is a limited offer and there is only 14 kg of this quality available. You can own this stunning stone by writing to us right away. This batch of aquamarine will not be listed on our website. You have to send us an email

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us! Email, phone or use the chat button, we are always here for you! 

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Batch 1
Cabochon grade, 5-8mm, light grey-blue Beryl/Aquamarine at a steal. 
2,795kg @ R559 - 13 975 carats. 
Approx. 9000 pieces.
That is under R0.10 per stone!
Batch 4
10-14mm blue cabochon grade aquamarine.
0.720kg @ R936 - 3600 carats. 
Approx. 500 pieces.
That's about R2.50 per stone!
Aquamarine from Malawi

These items are sold per batch. It also works on a first come, first serve basis. 

To see more photos, just click on the image. It will take you to Photobucket where we uploaded more images. All the images are labeled under the batch numbers. 

Please send us your requests via email or phone us directly.
012 253 1846

These parcels are NOT listed on the website. You are welcome to visit us to look at the parcels personally. 

You can visit Ebay to compare prices on the rough Aquamarine. Or you can just follow this easy link. Click here

Delivery or postage can be arranged by us. We will give you all the details as soon as you have contacted us. 

See you soon!
Batch 2
This is our best batch! Double blue aquamarine. This parcel contains 20-30% gem grade. Once cut, you will get back a return of more than a 1000% on this parcel! Pieces range from small to large.
0.665kg @ R4655 - 3325 carats. 
Approx. 500 pieces.
Just think of the possibilities at less than R15 per stone!
Batch 5
6-10mm blue cabochon aquamarine.
2.225kg @ R5562.50 - 11 125 carats. 
Approx. 5000 stones.
Each stone comes to around R0.50
Batch 8
Glassy beading type 6-10mm aquamarine. A grade sky-blue aquamarine.
1.655kg @ R910.25 - 8275 carats. 
Approx. 3000 stones in this batch.
The stones work out to be about R0.20 each.
Batch 10
AA grade, mostly glassy aquamarine pieces. 10mm and bigger. 
0.830kg @ R2490 - 4150 carats. 
Approx. 550 pieces.
AA grade Aquamarine for only R5 per stone!
Batch 12
Milky and glassy, 6-8mm, medium blue aquamarine pieces.
0.905kg @ R543 - 4525 carats. 
Approx. 1700 pieces at only R0.35 per stone!
Batch 3
Double blue aquamarine cabochon grade with lots of good quality aquamarine pieces. Some large pieces that will cut out very good stones! You can buy this one with confidence!
0.965kg @ R3088 - 4825 carats. 
Approx. 1200 pcs.
Each stone is about R2.50.
Batch 6
Light blue, milky aquamarine pieces. Cabochon quality. 14mm and bigger. 
0.595kg @ R476 - 2975 carats. 
Approx. 150 pieces.
That's just over R5 per stone!
Batch 9
Glassy beading type 10-15mm aquamarine. A grade sky-blue aquamarine.
0.180kg @ R180 - 900 carats. 
This batch contains 53 stones.
That is only R19 per stone for A grade Aquamarine!
Batch 11
AA grade, mostly glassy aquamarine pieces. 6-9mm.
1.360kg @ R2448 - 6800 carats.
Approx. 2600 pieces.
This comes to only R0.70 per stone!
Batch 13
Milky and glassy, 10-12mm, medium blue aquamarine pieces.
0.320kg @ R384 - 1600. 
Approx. 230 pieces at just over R5 per stone!
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