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Our Father who is in Heaven (the pressed flowing waters), QaDoSH (holy and set apart)
 is your SHeM (name, oil, breath, power, character and authority);
your kingdom come, your will (Torah)
be done in EReTZ (earth) as in Heaven

When His will which is symbolized by Heavenly BLUE is done on earth
which consists of the RED clay and blood that makes up mankind,
THEN the combination of the two colors become VIOLET/PURPLE
which is befitting those who walk as a royal priesthood unto Elohim. 

Furthermore, when we walk and do on earth
YHWH's will as it is in Heaven,
we raise our frequency of DaBaR (Living Word)
in our Living Stone Tabernacle.
Thus, we raise our life giving vibrating frequency or
kedusha (holiness, set apartness). 

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Shalom Mishpochah! 

I hope this newsletter finds you pressing into the bosom of Elohim! 

FINALLY, herein is Part 1 of the article on linen, A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF LINEN

Last week, on
Remnant Radio (12/3/15), we covered the topic of LINEN in the Tabernacle.  I will be posting this show (Part 5: Vibrations of Holiness) as soon as I can get it edited.  My co-host Jessica Fischer and I will be finishing up this series on Kedusha (Holiness) and how it relates to frequencies which is entitled the VIBRATIONS OF HOLINESS SERIES.

Once I release all 3 parts of this article, it will be posted on our
Living Stones Tabernacle site.

This article is an excerpt from the book I'm working on:  SHeMeN & SHaySH: ResTORAHtion of the Living Stones Tabernacle

Part 1 of 3

A Brief Overview of Linen

by Nitza Moshe

Torah is the light of the world[i] and it’s in the process of being restored to those who will embrace and enter into covenant with Elohim, the G-d of Abraham[ii], Isaac and Jacob.  As we march onward to the Kingdom of Yeshua the Messiah through tribulation[iii], there is, also, knowledge and understanding of the Lost Treasures[iv] of Israel being restored.  These treasures include restoration of the Hebrew language,[v] Torah,[vi] the Moedim,[vii] and the knowledge and understanding of SHeMeN (essential oils) and SHaySH (flax linen) for the Remnant Bride of Israel.
There is plenty to espouse on the wonderful properties and uses of linen, much of which can be redundantly found on the internet.  However, my focus and heart’s desire is to stir and inscribe upon the Remnant Bride what the Ruach (Holy Spirit) and the DaBaR (Living Word) has to reveal on the topic so that she might have a wise and willing heart
[viii] in her preparations for her Bridegroom.
In this introduction, let’s look at some definitions, observations and a Scriptural overview on the topic of linen.  The concept that the Bride is literally and spiritually the Living Stones Tabernacle of the Most High
[ix] will be introduced.  Thus, the pattern for her coverings and adornment is established in Exodus 35 with the description and instructions of the Wilderness Mishkan being built!
The Mishkan was where Elohim met with His people and where His light and glory resided in the intimate place – the Holy of Holies.  That same light resides in His children who reflect His light which is akin to flax linen which also reflects light.  In fact, there is a similar parallel to the processing of flax to becoming a useful fiber, it’s care instructions and innate properties, to the process of a Believer being set apart (sanctified) and becoming a useful vessel in the Potter’s hands.
Definitions:  Pure linen is made from the flax plant.  The Ancient Hebrew word for flax is PiSHTah (H6594) depicted as tsp which are the letters pey, shin and tav.   The letters denote pey as an open mouth, to blow, scatter or edge; shin as two front teeth, sharp, press, or eat; and tav as two crossed sticks, mark, sign or signature.

From the pictograph, we can readily see that flax has separated fibers that are pressed and spread out as a sign.  Linen is also known to be used to make candle wicks for lamps.  Amazingly, flax seeds don’t readily mix with other unlike seeds.  Thus, it remains separated – set apart viz. holy

Holy or QaDoSH (kuf, dalet, shin) can literally illustrate being PRESSED through the DOOR of LIGHT.  This is quite an illuminating concept (pun intended) when we consider that Scripture tells us that Yeshua is the Door and Torah is the Light (John 10:7 & 9, Proverbs 6:23, Isaiah 8:20, 51:4). 

Furthermore, it tells us that Yeshua is the Living Word, DaBaR (frequencies of order) from which and through all things were created (John 1:1 - 5).  In Hebrew, Genesis 1:1 states that Elohim Alef Tav created the heavens and earth. That is, the spoken vibrating words of Elohim in the original pure language from the Alef to the Tav created and sustains all things.
Yeshua, who was found swaddled in linen at his birth and then again wrapped in such at His burial, is the Alef Tav
,[x] the sign (of the Son of Man),[xi] the beginning and the end and the LIGHT of the world.  As a sign, the radiant Bride will be dressed in pure white linen and follow in His footsteps reflecting His light.  Does not the flax plant describe pressed and scattered Israel who is to be set apart and, like a wick, shines forth light to the world?! 
When we take into account that the shin can be defined to mean white or purity and also be denoted as two teeth pressed and that the tav can be two crossed sticks, can we see the prophetic message that through the pressure and trials of Jacob
[xii] that the two sticks[xiii] (Joseph and Judah) will become echad (one) again as a sign to the nations demonstrating that Elohim is the God of Israel who is faithful to His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?!!!!
Again, further illustration of the concept of being separate connected to linen comes from the Hebrew word BaD (H906) which means separate, alone divided fibers or linen garment.  The letters are bet which is a tent house and a dalet which is a tent door which can separate the outside world from inside the home. 

The bet can denote order while the dalet can also indicate a swinging door flap which creates vibrations viz. frequencies.  Thus, we can have a meaning of “orderly vibrations.”  By the very nature of its verbal pictograph, is it any wonder that linen has a life giving vibrational frequency?

In Scripture, the word BaD refers to the set apart garments and the ephod, in particular, for the Cohen, King David and heavenly men or messengers (angels) who appear wrapped in linen.
Now, let’s look at the word SHaySH (H8336) for linen depicted as the double letter shin which, again, is akin to being pressed, two white teeth, marble, old (ancient white hair), a white lily or bleached white linen (by the sunlight). 

SHaySH, also, has the letters and similar definition as H8337 which is bright, joyful and the numeral six.  The sixth day is the Bride’s day of preparation for the weekly seventh day and seventh millennial Shabbat which is also a rehearsal for being echad with Elohim.

The definitions of flax and linen illustrate that linen is clean, sun bleached and whitened flax drawing a parallel to Elohim’s people who are to be clean (undefiled) and whitened by the light of the ToRaH (the root of which is ohr – light).  Notably, when an undefiled set apart bride marries, she covers herself in bright white linen with joy as she prepares to be echad with her bridegroom.  What is amazing about white and white light is that it’s the perfect union of all the seven rainbow colors coming together as one – echad in its perfection.  On the wedding day, the Bride wears pure white linen – the color of echad as she will become BaSaR echad (one flesh) on the wedding night with her Bridegroom.
Scriptural References and Observations of Linen:  We are in the sixth day millennium which is the day of preparation for the seventh day millennium of Shabbat and the Wedding Feast – Sukkot.
[xv]  Because the appointed time is nearly upon us, Abba is revealing His hidden secrets of essential oils and linen that were part of the Lost Treasures of Israel to the Remnant Bride for her spiritual and physical preparations. 
Additionally, with ResTORAHation and the deliverance of bondage from Egypt, there will be a returning to the Land wherein ancient skills and ways of an agrarian lifestyle will be reacquired.  This will include simply working with our hands from planting the flax seed, harvest, processing, spinning, and weaving the flax to make fabric for a set apart garment.
Bridal preparations will include the fortitude and steadfastness to endure times of war, famine and plagues.   Might it be that SHaySH and SHeMeN will be part of the armory of defense during these times?  Of course, these weapons of warfare are added to the foundation of first walking in the Ruach of the Living Word of Elohim and His Torah and, more than anything, having the ability to SHeMaH (listen, hear and obey).

To SHeMaH is key to being able to obtain Elohim’s
SHeM viz. His oil, breath, power, character and authority.  This is essential to being a witness to the world.
In the book of Hosea,
[xvi] it was prophesied that, because of the harlot’s adultery and her failure to recognize with honor that the SHeMeN (oil) and PiSHTah (flax) belonged to Elohim and that it was provided to cover her nakedness, He would take them away.  Amongst other things, He took away Shabbat, Chodesh (new moon renewal) and the Moedim (holy day appointments and feasts with Him/Elohim).  This warning was reconfirmed by Isaiah when Hezekiah boastfully showed off Israel’s treasures to the king of Babylon[xvii] and was eventually fulfilled when they were taken into Babylonian captivity.

The Moedim, SHeMeN and SHaySH were all part of the LOST TREASURES of ISRAEL which were  taken away from Elohim’s people.  However, as we press into the days ahead to the return of the Moshiach, The Hebrew word for treasures is OTsaR which can mean armory, pressed, shining oil (SHeMeN), crushed herb, belt which girds up, and balm.  Pure undefiled essential oils or an herb can certainly be used as a weapon against disease and plague.  SHeMeN has even been verified to aid in the healing of the spirit and emotions – not just the physical body.  Because of its nature and properties, we will also see how SHaySH viz. linen might be a useful tool in our armory. 
Scripturally, linen was used by the Cohen when dealing with disease.[xix]  Perhaps, this is because of its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, aseptic, and hydroscopic properties.  Additionally, probably due to its anti-static properties, YHWH instructed the Cohen to wear linen so as to not sweat[xx] which would be particularly helpful in not getting electrocuted when handling the Ark of the Covenant which is believed, by some, to have been a type of battery or transformer.
SHeMeN and nano-crystal technology, which is on the cutting edge of today’s technology and research in the area of health supplements and EMF Bio Shields,
[xxi] can help repair and balance cells and DNA providing improved health.  Additionally, the properties of linen and its frequencies may also offer life giving health benefits.  Many who wear linen find it revitalizing for their wellbeing and, for those who sleep on linen sheetsYHWH will go before us to make the crooked places straight and is in the process of restoring the knowledge and use of those lost treasures to us.

And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, YHWH, which call thee by thy name, am the Elohim of Israel.[xviii]
, find that it gives them a more restful night’s sleep.  This may be due to its static-free properties allowing the electric flow of the body to move more freely; thus bringing more light and blood to each cell.  This is important because we now know that, primarily, the human body communicates by electrical impulses, cell to cell, via the brain and spinal nervous system.  One might note that Scripture is validated when it refers to us being children of light[xxii] -- literally.
Today’s technology measures electromagnetic vibrations of humans along with other things such as plants, essential oils and linen from Hertz to Megahertz.  Another unit of measure is signature frequency.  Linen and wool both measure at 5,000 signature frequencies.  However, when the two fibers (one being plant and the other animal) are mixed, as the Torah prohibits,
[xxiii] the energy collapses to zero.  Many people report to actually feeling the difference when wearing such clothes of mixed fibers.  Though most are unaware, many are discovering that their health is adversely affected by modern man-made synthetic fibers instead of natural fibers provided by Elohim.  Consider the potential hazards of dead synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon which are both derived from petroleum with nylons having been linked to cervical cancer.  Other fibers such as rayon may start out being made from a plant; however, it is so defiled with harmful toxic chemicals during the production process, that it too, may be harmful to the body. 
It could well be noted that, as YHWH’s people turned from His Torah resulting in their exile and detachment from the Land and an agrarian lifestyle, they also forsook the simple but helpful ancient methods of garment production that have life giving properties.  With time, His people progressed toward the more lukewarm and inferior properties of organic unbleached cotton with a signature frequency of only 40 or less.  However, today, most people wear GMO
[xxiv] cotton with zero life energy.  Most likely, today’s cotton lacks vibrational life energy, as created by Elohim, because it’s mixed seed which is a violation of Torah/Scripture.
In fact, it was largely due to the invention of the cotton gin which helped eliminate the production of flax and its associated linen businesses in America and many other countries.  With this new invention, it took much less time and man power to produce a garment.  It’s sad to think of all we have lost in human character and health benefits with the advent of the industrial and computer age.  Increasingly, we will realize the toll this age of knowledge and automation has taken from us, particularly, our health and character.  Yet, we freely gave way to it and its subtle, but ever increasing, demise to our society.

Stayed Tuned for Parts 3 & 4 COMING SOON!

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