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On a personal note, while growing up, I’d always loved linen.  Unfortunately, most of the textile market didn’t produce as much after the 1970’s.  Then in 2006, the General Assembly of the United Nations[i] proclaimed 2009 to be the “Year of Natural Fibers” in order to raise the profile of linen and other natural fabrics.  Wanting to observe Torah and not mix threads, I had resorted to wearing mostly 100% cotton and I was very proud that I had become a “cotton queen.” 

However, in 2007, Abba gave me the revelation about linen.  I delved into studying from Genesis to Revelations as to what His Word had to say about it. 

Through the studying process, I learned more about light and frequencies and then I heard the Ruach whisper to me, “You’ve been lukewarm as to your choice of wardrobe fabrics.” 

This surprised me as I thought I had accomplished much when I changed my wardrobe to 100% cotton!  It began a stirring deep within my spirit and I began seeing more and more how truly and literally physical manifestations reflect the inner spirit of people, places and things.

One of the first lessons Elohim taught me decades ago what that everything in the physical realm has a spiritual realm behind it – that was the REAL WORLD!  This is when my spirit was quickened to pursue linen and to inspire the Remnant Bride to do so also – in order to PREPARE HERSELF spiritually and physically for her COMING BRIDEGROOM!
Rayon registers in with a frequency of 15 Mhz which has vibrational life.  However, along with cotton’s 0 – 40 Mhz, neither offer frequencies considered high enough for optimal human health.   The healthy human brain measures 71 – 90 Mhz while a healthy human body measures 62 – 68Mhz.[ii]  Cold symptoms begin around 58 Mhz, cancer registers in at 42 Mhz and the human body begins to die at 25 Mhz. 

Thus, we truly are children of light and energy.  Why would we expect anything else?  After all, we were created by The Light of the World and sustained by The Light of Torah – The Living Word!
Processed or canned foods register in at 0 Mhz as does synthetic fibers of lycra, polyester, spandex and viscose.  However, they also have the added detriment of being processed with toxic chemicals which may be absorbed via the skin and/or inhalation.  Fresh produce measures 10 – 15 Mhz depending on their freshness, while dry herbs have 12 – 22, fresh herbs 20 – 27 and 100% unadulterated therapeutic essential oils come in at 52 – 320 Mhz.[iii]  These life giving foods and SHeMeN along with 100% wool or 100% linen measuring at 5,000 frequencies are considered high enough to bring optimal health and perhaps even healing to the body.  Knowing about frequencies that Elohim created begins to provide an insight as to why a raw food diet with living vibrational energy can result in healing and a healthier body.
The body begins to become ill and dis-eased when it’s exposed to too high or too low electromagnetic frequencies.  The resonant frequency of clothing fibers, food, cell phones, Wi-Fi towers and other types of EMF pollution in our environment can have a beneficial or adverse effect on our bodies which are the Living Stones.  Thus, it is important for the body to ingest and surround itself with the proper range of signature frequencies that will enhance health and life.  This is because everything that Elohim created including our body, every organ, tissue and cell has its own distinct frequency energy which depends on the free flow of that energy.  This is confirmed via the field of physics beginning with the Jewish genius Albert Einstein who discovered that matter and energy are basically interchangeable.
Lack of free flowing energy creates static which stops life from flowing.  This free flow of energy is based on the positive and negative forces created by Elohim.  Actually, it’s a principle dispersed throughout His creation based on the covenant[iv] He made with night and day and which is embedded within Genesis 1.  This same covenant principle causes blood to flow through our veins and holds all things together throughout the galaxies.

Permit me to digress herein from the more specific topic of linen and look at how vibrations or frequencies[v] relate to the Word of Elohim, linen, essential oils or anything for that matter.
Scripturally, in Genesis 1:1 - 3, we can see that Elohim literally created (bara) the essence of everything with His vibrating spoken word (DaBaR) and breath (ruach/spirit) which hovered, fluttered and vibrated (rachaf) over the waters (mayim) which conducts light and electricity.  From His breath, life, light and energy came forth to create (bara). 

We now know, from the Ancient Hebrew pictographs, that DaBaR[vi] (Living Word) can literally mean “frequencies put in order from the beginning” and that water conducts light energy.  By understanding this, we can now begin to imagine how the frequencies or vibrations of Elohim’s breath vibrated over the waters which were then permeated with those vibrations.  Now hold this thought and connect it to the fact that, today, we know everything visible and invisible has a frequency or energy.  Water and energy is the essence of life. 
Therefore, may I suggest the Hebrew language literally describes such?  In the beginning Elohim spoke and bara or created the earth and the heavens.  That is, He separated them and made covenant with them.  He even made a covenant with night and day – that is, He separated them.[vii]  His vibrations of spoken words permeated the waters which held the memory of those vibrations or frequencies.  Then, from those frequencies, most everything else was (asah) made, formed, fashioned, or appointed into manifestations both seen and unseen.[viii]  Perhaps, the memory of waters revealed whether or not a wife had committed adultery or not in Numbers 5:11 - 31. 

Thus, in Genesis 1:1 – 31, there are two separate Hebrew words used for the English words created and make or made.  These are bara (#H1254) and asah (#H6213).  The word asah is also used for the English word yielding.

We first see the word created as the Hebrew word bara in Genesis 1:1.  By the very nature of its Hebrew letters, the essence of bara is to cut, separate or make covenant.  It’s the word for “created” in Genesis 1:1, 21 and 27.  It denotes that Elohim created (bara), separated or cut a covenant making a space or realm of life for 1) the heavens and earth; 2) the water creatures and every winged bird and 3) man – male and female.

Elohim created, more specifically bara the heavens and the earth which he separated and, from these, everything that was needed to make everything else existed.  All the frequencies or vibrations existed, visible and invisible, to asah or that is to make, fashion, form or appoint.

We know from John 1:1 that, in the beginning, was the DaBaR (Word) and the DaBaR was with Elohim and the DaBaR was Elohim.  Also, consider the word beginning in Psalms 119:160 is rosh which can mean shaking which causes or is a vibrational frequency or energy!
Thy Word (DaBaR) is true (firm and established) from the beginning (rosh):
and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.

The Word, which is DaBaR in Ancient Hebrew, is written with the letters dalet, bet and resh/roshDaBaR is the very breath (ruach) and spoken vibrations put in order from the beginning by the Creator YHWH!  This was and is His life force, LIGHT and energy!
The word DaBaR gives us a picture story of signature frequencies!  The dalet is a door or a tent flap that can be moved back and forth which causes waves, vibrations or frequencies.  The bet is a tent, house, family or can mean “in” while the rosh/resh can mean head, beginning, orderly motion, shake, speak or word that is uttered with vibrations.  The English word bee is DeVoRaH in Hebrew which has the same root.  A bee colony is very orderly with systematic motions or vibrations.
With only a partial understanding of the pictographs, it’s now possible to perceive the illustration that DaBaR or the WORD from the Genesis creation account could literally be defined as “VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES  PUT in ORDER in the BEGINNING!”  Today, we call it quantum or wave mechanics – vibrational energy!
Today, Neuroscientists know our thoughts and words are electromagnetic light[ix] and atoms, energy, and light are a life force.  Matter plus electromagnetic energy or life force provides structure and order which is in all things seen and unseen, such as gravity.  Even PRAYER is now considered by science and the New World Order to be ENERGY MEDICINE!  What will we do when we are no longer allowed to pray for the sick without a license?!  The Remnant Bride will learn how important and powerful her words and actions are!  Remember, the witnesses speak with fire proceeding from their mouth in Revelations 15.  Knowing that thoughts and words are electromagnetic light and Torah is light, could this fire not be a vibrational light or energy of the Torah being proclaimed by witnesses empowered by the Ruach (Holy/Set Apart Spirit)?!
The instructions for covering ourselves with linen are patterned for us in the Mishkan.  This is especially so as we consider that we are literally, indeed, Living Stones being built up as a spiritual house and YeHuSHuWaH (Yeshua) is the chief cornerstone.[x]  Elohim’s DeBaR is confirmed by today’s science which is nothing more than man’s discovery and understanding of His creation even when they are blinded to recognize such:
“. . . science has recently begun to recognize a new class of crystals known as liquid crystals. They have a structure which is partially crystalline and partially fluid. Biology is beginning to understand that many substances and membranes within the human body appear to function as liquid crystals. . .
            The life force works more through the blood[xi]and consciousness works more through the brain and nervous system.  These two systems contain quartz-like properties and an electromagnetic current. . .
In the physical body, these areas include: cells salts, fatty tissue, lymphs, red and white cells and the pineal gland.  These crystalline structures are a complete system in the body
 . . . An interesting revelation which can be made . . . is the fact that human beings are, to some extent, living crystals.” [xii]
There is an insightful parallel study comparing a woman’s body to the layout of the Mishkan including a timeline of where we are in the ResTORAHation process.  To begin the journey physically and spiritually, we must first enter into the presence of YHWH via the gate of the blood of the Lamb which is akin to the hymen, both of which are signs of a blood covenant.  Our bodies are the temple of YHWH and the physical and spiritual seed we allow to enter into it must be pure and holy, undefiled, in order to produce life. 
Through the covenantal blood gate into the Outer Court as a living sacrificial altar, to the washing and cleansing by the Living Word and Ruach with the waters at the laver, proceeding into the Inner Court to having eyes that see with the light of the Torah[xiii] and having tasted the Bread of Life, we find ourselves arriving at the place in HisStory where the Bride is receiving knowledge of the Lost Treasures of SHeMeN and SHaySH with its restorative healing properties.
Both the SHeMeN Tov[xiv] (anointing oil) and Ketoret incense contain the pressed fluid of seed life.  Its inviting sweet aroma beckons the Bridegroom as He pursues His Bride through the Linen Veil to the bed chamber into the Holy of Holies.  In fact, He will judge[xv] and know His bride by her aroma and she will know Him by His.  Spiritually, our aroma is our obedience and good works.
How exciting it is when the Bride realizes the current process of reclaiming linen garments portrays having arrived at the linen veiled curtains to the entrance of the Holy of Holies and the time of becoming echad with her Bridegroom is soon at hand!  It’s the sixth day, the time of preparation for the Remnant Bride to put her wedding garment of pure white linen on.  It’s the time that, soon, the two sticks will be united and the whole house of Israel will be restored wherein YHWH will dwell with them and His light, glory and presence will rest upon His people gathered collectively.  This will be the time when the Bride will be echad with Yeshua as He and His Father are echad!
It will be a time when the enemies of Israel and the nations (goy), in their haughtiness, will fall greatly in their own eyes as they will know that the regathering and rebuilding of the Living Stones Tabernacle is the work of El Shaddai, Adonai Tzvaot.[xvi]  They know when the two sticks are brought back together and restored that Israel will be the head and not the tail and the power and authority of Elohim will be upon them!  Then the showdown with the two witnesses dressed in linen sackcloth[xvii] will begin! 
Almost verbatim, you can see the parallel patterns between the Two Witnesses and the show down Elijah had with the prophets of Baal; from stopping the rain to the fire of the Torah speaking forth, from Elijah taking 12 stones and the 144,000 (taken from the 12 Living Stone Tribes) being gathered to the mount calling for Elohim to send down the fire upon the watered altar (Rev. 11, I Kings 18)!
In the Mishkan instructions of Exodus 35, we see the colors on the linen curtains with blood red crimson, royal purple and the violet blue of Heaven.  The red symbolizes Adam on the earth below made from red clay, dust and blood.  The Heavenly Throne Room high above is represented by violet blue sky.  Between the Heavenly blue and the earthly crimson, there should be the color purple representing a royal priestly nation.  The order and the combination of mixing of the blue with the red gives us purple which perfectly illustrates for us a picture of the Lord’s Prayer![xviii] 
As created by Elohim and demonstrated within the seven color spectrum, when we mix red with blue we get purple which represents the royalty of a priestly nation.  The ornamental tabernacle colors on the white linen curtains display for us a picture and application of the Lord’s Prayer for when Elohim’s will (walking out Torah) is done ON EARTH as it IS IN HEAVEN, THEN we will be a ROYAL nation.  Actually, the basic under garment would probably be pure white linen while the outer garment would be purple.

. . . to be continued in a future newsletter! 

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