On Twelve Twinkling Truths...
On Twelve Twinkling Truths...

Stringing permissions together like twinkle lights this morning, and thought it might be nice to hand you a strand...

You CAN explore now.
You CAN venture there.
You CAN dream it up.
You CAN crank it out.
You CAN wear that.
You CAN create more.
You CAN call him.
You CAN befriend her.
You CAN play well.
You CAN push yourself.
You CAN bless them.
You CAN rest soon.


Scatter across your mantle or hang them above the place where you wake up everyday.

For best effects --  plug one end into the wall, but be careful to keep the cord high enough to lift your spirits and draw your heart upwards.

Warning: May brighten dark corners without notice.

If a bulb breaks, please write to for replacement.

(Lifetime guarantee for current subscribers, and new little sisters always welcome.)


I couldn't help but pop in as your little Secret Santa this weekend, and would LOVE to see the lights strung amidst those bright lives of yours... Send me photos and I'll share them with the rest of the gang?  

Love You to Peppermint-Pieces,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - I'd love to give you a hug along with these glimmery little wishes, so come join us for brunch next month in NYC!
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