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Spiritual Journeys with 
Don Américo Yábar and Gayle Yábar

Save the Date
August 8th-August 20th
Peru in 2017
“Spark the feeling of love.
This makes your soul more aligned
so your immune system can receive flowers.
In this way, the capacity of your cells 
to receive light 
is restored.”

—Don Américo Yábar

Friends, join us in 2017, on a journey to Cusco,
the Peruvian high jungle, and the Amazonian
headwaters with
Don Américo and Gayle Yábar.

We are excited to offer, once more, this
opportunity to experience the tremendous
beauty of Peru and receive the teachings of
 Américo and Gayle—poets, dreamers, and
mystics in the Andean tradition.

--Ana María and Kenneth

We will send more specific information regarding this
trip in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any
questions please contact Ana María Hernando
or Kenneth Robinson:
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