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Bjorn Lomborg

A Tale of Two Treaties
Illustration by Jennifer KohnkeThe Doha climate negotiations failed earlier this month. But if we want to help third world countries, the other Doha negotiations on free trade are literally thousands of times more important.

Doha climate could perhaps have lowered sea levels less than an inch in a hundred years. Doha free trade could for much less make the third world about $3,000 billion richer in just 8 years.

Read Bjorn Lomborg’s new Project Syndicate column here. The column is translated and published in newspapers around the world, for example you can read the German version in Die Welt here.

The greenest breakthrough this decade
Extraction of shale gas is a controversial topic in Europe, despite the fact that the US has drilled more than 40,000 wells, lowered US energy prices and significantly reduced US carbon emissions using so called fracking technology. 
BBC World Service
Bjorn Lomborg had a spirited argument with Friends of the Earth UK on BBC Newshour last week. Hear their discussion on BBC World Service (the first 8 minutes of the program).

Too good to be true?
Link to FOX business news
The proposition that the US has achieved cheaper and cleaner energy, and instead of paying a fortune for it, like in the EU, the US is getting richer and has a possibility to become energy independent, sounds too good to true even to some in the US. But it’s not!

See Lomborg addressing the arguments of the skeptics in this Fox Business News interview.

Send More Girls to School
On World AIDS Day December 3, we heard considerable rhetoric about the importance of stepping up the fight against HIV. But the reality is that donor fatigue and tougher economic conditions have caused external HIV/AIDS funding for Africa to stagnate.
Picture RethinkHIV published on Cambridge University PressConclusions in the recently published book of research, from the Copenhagen Consensus Center project "Rethink HIV", points to some of the most cost effective solutions: Circumcise boys and send more girls to school.
Read more in this article on Qartz

Export Emissions to China
Great Britain CO2 emissions from consumption and productionAfter the Doha climate talks now only the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Australia participates in the outdated Kyoto agreement.

Again, it is perhaps worth noting that this group of countries may brag that they have cut their CO2. But in reality they have simply cut down their *domestic* emissions while importing lots of stuff that emits CO2 in China and elsewhere.

Graph above shows, that GB can proudly say they have reduced emissions 14% (true for geographical Great Britain), but when we also look at the emissions in the imports, they have actually increased their CO2 emissions by 18%.

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Top Global Thinker 2012
Bjorn Lomborg was again named Top 100 Global Thinker by Foreign Policy “for taking the black and white out of climate politics”.

Here are links to some of the interviews given in Lomborg’s native Denmark, and his new home town Prague. Danish newspapers Berlingske and Jyllandsposten, Danish radio DR and 24syv, Czech TV News CT2 and Czech newspapers Hospodářské noviny, Lidovky Noiny and business magazine Týden.

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