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September Pop-Up Arts...
Spring is finally here and my wisteria vine is starting to bloom, the jasmine vine ripe with blossoms and bees buzzing everywhere around my little city back yard. I love it! September features some of my favourite Sydney Galleries - with gorgeous shows for this month and more to impress in the next (stay tuned especially for Robyn Stacey's Dark Wonder exhibition Opening 06 October) . Hope you get around the city and see some art and find a good dose of nature wherever you can. I have been exploring all the little coves and headland walks around Lane Cove recently - one of my new discoveries is Tambourine Bay foreshore and mangrove walk. Another is Berry Island Reserve and I plan to explore more of Balls Head Reserve in Waverton.  If you don't know these walks then go exploring yourself.  All beautiful places.  So until next month.  Cheers and thanks for reading. Cassie
Sally Simpson.  A selection of sculptures from her exhibition, 2016


Sally Simpson.  Objects for an Unknown Future Museum
Until 01 October 2016
If you missed the Opening last week, don't worry, just be sure to visit on another day - less people and you see the show much better anyway. I love the sculptures of Sally Simpson. It is a strange joy to see them 3D - they are bigger and more engagingly endearing than you can imagine. If you have kids - take them too - kids love these beautiful odd figures. Sally also has another exhibition just Opened at Benalla Art Gallery (in Victoria) of earlier work - only a 2hour drive from Melbourne. She also recently won the 2016 Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council Art Awards & is a Finalist in the 64th (2016) Blake Prize Award.
To see more check out her website below and these story links: Brag Magazine   South Sydney Herald September 2016

Stanley Street Gallery, 1/52-54 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst   l
Wendy Sharpe.  Circus Oz (triptych), 2016.  Oil on linen, 160x312cm

Wendy Sharpe.  Circus
13 September - 08 October  2016

I went to the gallery to see Tom Carment's recent exhibition 600 Days - beautiful of course and one day I will buy one! - and was lucky to catch a glimpse of some of the works for Wendy Sharpe's new show opening this week. It looks like everything a Circus should be - fun, colourful, glamorous, sexy and silly, with a dash of vaudeville, cute dressing room moments and exciting big top tricks - and no animals! Wendy spent time with Circus Oz performers in Sydney and Melbourne, and Cirque d'Hiver performers in Paris, painting and drawing.  Lot's of works sold already so guess you better be quick if you want to own one of these lovely things.

King Street Gallery on William, 177 William Street, Darlinghurst   l
Polixeni Papapetrou. Images from Eden series.  left to right.  Psyche;  Heart;  Delphi;  Blinded.  All 2016
Pigment prints 150x100cm

Polixeni Papapetrou. Eden
Until 01 October 2016

A perfect exhibition to celebrate spring! Blossoming beautiful young women adorned by flowers, wearing floral vintage dresses against a backdrop of floral vintage wallpaper.  This is more than just a pretty exhibition. It is a celebration of the cycle of life using the flower as metaphor.  As the artist says about this work, 'the floral arrangements reflect on the metamorphosis from child to adolescent and adolescent to adult 
and a oneness with the world, fertility and the cycles of life. The girls are enclosed in a floral embrace that symbolises their unity and acceptance of this miraculous thing we call life'.
Stills Gallery, Gosbell Street, Paddington   l
Genevieve Loy Kemarre. Bush Turkey Story (2007). Synthetic polymer on linen 120x121cm

Genevieve Loy Kemarre.  Bush Turkey Story
17 September - 15 October 2016  OPENING SAT 17 Sept 2-5pm

Genevieve Loy is a young artist from the Utopia region. She is the granddaughter of Nancy Petyarre and has learnt painting from her father, Cowboy Loy Pwerl. Like Cowboy, she paints the Bush Turkey Dreaming, on one level showing the tracks the bush turkey makes as it searches for seeds and other “tucker” and makes its way to the waterhole. On a more complex cultural level, her paintings are about women’s ceremonies. Genevieve’s paintings are characterised by a beautiful and careful handling of paint; a harmonious sense of colour; and great control of the delicate spidery marks that make their way across her canvas. (TEXT FROM COO-EE WEBSITE)
Coo-ee Art Gallery, cnr Lamrock Avenue & Chambers Street, Bondi
John Chapman, from Arbitrary Space #1;  Rosemary Atkinson, Benediction;  Prue Platt-Hepworth, Beautiful Waste.

Prue Platt-Hepworth, Rosemary Atkinson, John Chapman,
Arbitrary Space. An exhibition by three photographers from Nebuli Arts Group.
28 September - 16 October 2016 
OPENING Sat 01 Oct @ 3pm.  INTRODUCTION by Sydney photographer, Luke Hardy.

Nebuli Arts group consists of thirteen photographers (and growing maybe?) and has been exhibiting for over four years at the fabulous Incinerator Art Space in leafy Willoughby. This work by three of the group is a collection of conceptual photographs with a connection drawn between shape and form, the strange and the beautiful - and the human body almost always referenced in the image. The artists say the title Arbitrary Space, also references the arbitrary space between conscious and unconscious creations of the mind.
Incinerator Art Space, 2 Small Street, Willoughby   l
Favourite new Instagram sites to discover...

TRAVEL & FLOWERS  Floret Flower
Oh to visit a flower farm. And dahlias galore - a truck load of them. Heaven. This is for spring and a lovely site for daydreaming.  Erin Benzakein says she is a farmer, a florist, a writer, a teacher and a photographer.  Seattle, USA
Erin Kathleen Cherry says she is a costume designer and seamstress. The site is a mix of pretty whimsical outdoor countryesque scenes, beautiful fabrics and ribbons she must be whipping up into something lovely, romantic interiors and the odd nude selfie. All very tasteful.  Washington, USA
Secret Sydney...

Flavours of Auburn Food Festival 2016 -
with Food Tours, Cooking Classes + many more events throughout October.

A way of connecting communities and people through food and culture.  A celebration of the multicultural riches of the West. Co-inciding with Good Food Month, a trip out Auburn way is alot cheaper than an overseas flight. Check out the website for Festival details - it will be loaded soon if not there when you check.  There are cooking classes and food tours every month of the year. October ramps up the program somewhat with more. Ethiopia, Iran, Southern China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India,Philippines, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq and more countries are all featured in this fab Festival.
Flavours of Auburn.  Phone: 02 9735 1288
Check out website for full details and dates.

200 Years of Discovery - Exhibition on the Garden Palace of Sydney 1879-1882

15 September - 15 October 2016.

The Garden Palace (1879-1882) was designed by Colonial Architect James Barnet. Construction took 9 months and at its peak, nearly 3,000 men were employed, including 650 carpenters. The dome was 100 feet in diameter and 210 feet high. The cost to build was approx. 250,000 pounds. 
The grand Sydney International Exhibition at the Garden Palace building opened on 17 September 1879, with 34 countries and their colonies participating. Displays included machinery, porcelain, religious icons, works of art and a large collection of Aboriginal artefacts. The Palace burned to the ground 3 years later.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney CBD
Gardens are Open Daily - check website for exhibition times & details.
TV Series I have enjoyed watching recently...
Narcos. The story of Pablo Escobar
I've just finished Season 2 and was gripped from the getgo. The violent and terrifying story of Columbian drug lord and head of the Medellin cartel, Pablo Escobar. There may be a few errors in the telling, or so there are according to Escobar's son, Sebastian Marroquin, but the Netflix series tells the story grit. It must have been almost impossible for people to stay unaffected by the violence of the cartels. Now I just have to wait until next year for Season 3 - what happened after Escobar was executed.

Trapped. An Icelandic thriller
Nordic noir at its best. I loved it all - the landscape, the characters, the Fargo like police work. I felt like I had a wintery journey to a faraway place with so much snow I could barely imagine - I've never been to a place like this. Once I spent Christmas in Vancouver and we drove to Whistler Mountain - that's the most snow I have seen and it was beautiful of course - but not like this. Set in the sleepy harbour village of Seydisfjordur, the local police are meant to wait for the squad from Reykjavik to help solve a murder and the snow just keeps on coming.
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