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HLA/MedicalDirector Digital Health Innovation Award 2017
Have you initiated an innovative project which, through the use of digital technologies, contributes to improved health outcomes?
Are you planning to initiate an innovative project which, through the use of digital technologies, contributes to improved health outcomes?
You could win-
  • $3000 to spend on your project or on continuing education supporting the project,
  • Travel to the Award Presentation,
  • One night’s accommodation, plus,
  • Free registration to the HLA Professional Development day in Perth on the 13 – 14 July 2017.
This award is funded by MedicalDirector with the assistance of ALIA Health Libraries Australia.
Applications close 1st of May 2017. Further information or contact Jeanette Bunting.



Never been to Perth? Well now is your chance!

Health Libraries Australia (HLA) are holding their Professional Development Days for 2017 at Curtin University, Perth, WA, on Thursday 13 July (presentations) and Friday 14 July (workshops) 2017.
Health librarians are called upon to employ a range of skills when participating in systematic (and other) review projects. Increasingly, our professional skills are stretched beyond traditional searching of the bibliographic databases.  These Professional Development Days will focus on the theme of Reviews: Systematic and More.
On ​the ​Thursday ​we ​will ​hear ​from ​various ​librarians ​on ​topics ​relating ​to ​our ​theme ​Reviews: ​Systematic ​and ​More. ​There ​will ​also be ​a ​trade ​area ​to ​learn ​about ​the ​latest ​developments ​in ​the ​health ​library ​arena. ​This ​day ​will ​include ​morning ​tea ​and ​lunch.
On ​the ​Friday ​we ​will ​have ​a ​variety ​of ​different ​hands ​on ​workshops ​to ​choose ​from. ​Participants ​will ​be ​required ​to ​purchase ​their ​own ​meals ​and ​refreshments ​on ​the ​day. ​There ​are ​a ​number ​of ​eating ​places ​on ​campus.
When: Thursday 13 July (presentations) and Friday 14 July (workshops) 
Where: Curtin University, Perth, WA  
Program: Coming soon  
Cost for both days:  ALIA Member: $130  Non-ALIA: $190
ALIA Member – Student Rate: $100 Non-ALIA Student Rate: $115
Speaker Rate: $100
About HLA
HLA's commitment to our members is to provide strategic direction in the delivery of relevant, high quality, affordable professional development opportunities. Check the 'Courses mapped to competencies' on the HLA webpage to see what courses are available to fit your training and development needs.

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