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Health Libraries Australia, the national health group of the Australian Library and Information Association
April 2017

Hello, welcome to the April issue of HLA Alerts, kindly sponsored by OCLC.

In this issue, you’ll find invitations to attend the ANDS 10 Things Workshop in Brisbane and to apply for the HLA/MedicalDirector Digital Health Innovation Award plus your updated PD Events Calendar, info from our sponsor and of course some of the more relevant and interesting items published on health librarianship of particular relevance to our Australian experience.
Don’t forget to save the date and for those of us outside WA, start looking for cheap flights - the HLA PD Day(s) are to be in Perth this year 13-14 July – it’s always a well-attended and appreciated event so don’t miss out. Registrations are now open!

HLA Executive.

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Never been to Perth? Well now is your chance!
Health Libraries Australia (HLA) are holding their Professional Development Days for 2017 at Curtin University, Perth, WA, on Thursday 13 July (presentations) and Friday 14 July (workshops) 2017.
Health librarians are called upon to employ a range of skills when participating in systematic (and other) review projects. Increasingly, our professional skills are stretched beyond traditional searching of the bibliographic databases.  These Professional Development Days will focus on the theme of Reviews: Systematic and More.
On ​the ​Thursday ​we ​will ​hear ​from ​various ​librarians ​on ​topics ​relating ​to ​our ​theme ​Reviews: ​Systematic ​and ​More. ​There ​will ​also be ​a ​trade ​area ​to ​learn ​about ​the ​latest ​developments ​in ​the ​health ​library ​arena. ​This ​day ​will ​include ​morning ​tea ​and ​lunch.
On ​the ​Friday ​we ​will ​have ​a ​variety ​of ​different ​hands ​on ​workshops ​to ​choose ​from. ​Participants ​will ​be ​required ​to ​purchase ​their ​own ​meals ​and ​refreshments ​on ​the ​day. ​There ​are ​a ​number ​of ​eating ​places ​on ​campus.
When: Thursday 13 July (presentations) and Friday 14 July (workshops) 
Where: Curtin University, Perth, WA  
Program: Coming soon  
Cost for both days: 
ALIA Member: $130  
Non-ALIA: $190
ALIA Member – Student Rate: $100
Non-ALIA Student Rate: $115
Speaker Rate: $100 


ANDS 10 Medical and Health Research Data Things Workshop (Brisbane)         

Health Libraries Australia (HLA) in conjunction with The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) is pleased to bring you a hands on workshop designed to introduce librarians to the top 10 Medical and Health Research Data Things.
Facilitator: Kate Le May, Senior Research Data Specialist, ANDS (Australian National Data Service)
Date: 31 May 2017   Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Location: eZone 3, Duhig Tower (Building 2), University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus
Cost: $25 (ALIA members), $40 (non-members)
Catering: Meals and refreshments can be purchased by participants on the day at Merlo's Café adjacent to the venue. In addition there are a number of other eating places on campus.
What to Bring: PCs with Internet access will be provided for all participants. Participants may, if they wish, bring laptops or mobile devices if they have an Eduroam account.

Registration and further information  Limited places – register quickly to avoid disappointment!
Not in Brisbane? Stay tuned for more information as we plan to run this event across multiple states in 2017. 


In the Literature… 

HLA News Autumn 2017 – Out soon
Convenor focus / Ann Ritchie
Hospital librarians in research / Suzanne Lewis
Using a health librarian / Debra Klages
HLA Library and Information Week promotional posters
Review of Searching Workshop / Blair Kelly

New Resource for Digital Health
Digital health research methods and tools: Suggestions and selected resources for researchers is a new HaBIC publication for University of Melbourne staff and students, produced by Kathleen Gray and Cecily Gilbert. Contact if you are interested in taking part in a workshop based on these resources planned for term 4 2017.​

Volume 37 (2) 2017      Volume 34 (1) March 2017  Volume 17, Issue 1, January-March 2017 Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop Basic with Spatial Analysis: A Review for Medical Libraries  / Robert Padgett Partee II & J. Michael LindsayJournal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries 14 (1) 2017, pages: 17-22.
When I use a word . . . Cherry picking and berry picking in systematic reviews - / Jeffrey Aronsonm BMJ Opinion - 17 March 2017.
The Wellcome Library Collaborative Mental Health Digitisation Project: Lessons learned to date / Emma Hancox,  (et al).  Journal of Digital Media Management V. 5 2017.


Health Consumer Information
Video: Top 5 ways to get trustworthy news  / Tom Merritt (Source: TechRepublic).
 “There are a lot of sites out there that promise to deliver the news. Even recognizable sources vary in reliability. Here's how to set yourself up to get the highest quality information.”
New MedlinePlus Topics
Autism spectrum disorder
National Library of Medicines Links
 Health Happens in Libraries \ OCLC  Our Doors Are Open to Everybody": Public Libraries as Common Ground for Public Health. / Morgan, Anna, et al. Journal of Urban Health; v.94 (1) 2017  PMID: 28070822

Making Alignment a Priority (MAP) toolkit - Helping NHS libraries demonstrate impact and alignment with key healthcare drivers.
Librarian Quick Reference Cards for Research Impact Metrics (source: Library Connect, Dec 2016.) 


Open Access

Towards a Competitive and Sustainable OA Market in Europe - A Study of the Open Access Market and Policy Environment (Source: OpenAIRE. February 2017.)

Coders and Librarians Team up to Save Scientific Data.” (Source: ComputerWord, Mar 2017.)

Research into Practice

Pathways to research impact in primary healthcare: What do Australian primary healthcare researchers believe works best to facilitate the use of their research findings?  / Richard L Reed, et al. Health Research Policy and Systems V. 15 page.17+.

Measuring research impact in Australia’s medical research institutes: a scoping literature review of the objectives for and an assessment of the capabilities of research impact assessment frameworks / Simon Deeming, et al. Health Research Policy and Systems 2017 V. 15, page 22+  

Tools and Databases

National Elf Service
The National Elf Service is owned and managed by Minervation Ltd; an Oxford University spin-out company founded by information scientists Douglas Badenoch and André Tomlin, who share a vision for making evidence-based research more accessible and usable for busy health and social care professionals."
Institutional Repositories in PubMed: a new quick way to free full texts
New icons to click-through to free full texts are starting to appear in PubMed. They take you directly to the publication uploaded in an institutional repository…  
Toolkits and Libraries for Deep Learning.  / Erickson BJ; et al. Journal Of Digital Imaging Mar 2017; PMID: 28315069
Medtube is the largest medical multimedia platform for professionals sharing +20,000 videos, courses, images, documents.

Health Libraries Australia and MedicalDirector

HLA/MedicalDirector Digital Health Innovation Award 2017
Have you initiated an innovative project which, through the use of digital technologies, contributes to improved health outcomes?
Are you planning to initiate an innovative project which, through the use of digital technologies, contributes to improved health outcomes?
You could win  -
  • $3000 to spend on your project or on continuing education supporting the project
  • Travel to the Award Presentation
  • One night’s accommodation
  • Free registration to the HLA Professional Development day in Perth on the 13 – 14 July 2017.
This award is funded by MedicalDirector with the assistance of ALIA Health Libraries Australia. 
Applications close 1st of May 2017. Further information or contact Jeanette Bunting.

Upcoming Events 
events to support your professional development
  Event Location Date
2017     2017
  Library Association of Ireland/CILIP Joint Annual Conference (including Health Libraries SIG) Kerry, Ireland 13-15 April
  Medical Library Association, 117th Annual Meeting and Exhibition: Dream, Dare, Do Seattle USA 26-31 May
Cochrane Australia Learning Week  
“New perspectives on systematic reviews and evidence production”
Melbourne 5-9 June
  ICML + EAHIL 2017 / European Association for Health Information and Libraries. Theme: “Diversity in Practice: integrating, inspiring and innovative”. Dublin, Ireland 12-16 June
  CILIP: Including Health Libraries SIG Manchester, UK 5-6 July
Registrations now open!
Perth, W.A. 13-14 July
  IFLA World Library and Information Conference (Including Health and Biosciences Libraries Section) Wroclaw, Poland 19-25 Aug
Sydney 27-29 Sept
14th HLinc Conference Melbourne, Vic TBA - Oct

If you are looking for conferences that you can link in with you travels, keep eye on the site “International Library Related Conferences” maintained by James Thull, Associate Professor, Specials Collections Librarian, Montana State University Library and Marian Dworaczek, Librarian Emeritus University of Saskatchewan Library.

   HLA Twitter Chat

Our second HLA Twitter Chat is to take place on the 26th April at 4pm EDT. The theme is “Things you wished you knew as a new medical librarian”. Hopefully we will get a mix of experienced medical librarians, nearly new and students joining in the discussion.

Q.1 What is your no 1 wish that you'd known earlier issue?
Q.2 Any surprising discoveries?
Q.3 Any advice to new medical librarians?

To watch the chat, search for #healthlibaust . You can participate at any time. Just create a tweet and make sure to end it with #healthlibaust . Using the hashtag in the tweet will make sure all the tweets are linked together.
Need tips on posting a tweet? See this FAQ from Twitter:

Date: 26th April
Time: EDT = 4pm
Chats will be archived on the HLA website. 

About HLA
HLA's commitment to our members is to provide strategic direction in the delivery of relevant, high quality, affordable professional development opportunities. Check the 'Courses mapped to competencies' on the HLA webpage to see what courses are available to fit your training and development needs.

HLA Executive 
Convenor: Ann Ritchie AALIA (CP) Health. (Vic).
Treasurer: Sharon Karasmanis (Vic), Secretary: Gemma Siemensma (Vic).
Committee: Diana Blackwood (WA), Natasha Bradley (Vic), Jeanette Bunting (WA), Dr Kathleen Gray (Vic), Sarah Hayman (SA), Dr Suzanne Lewis (NSW), Jane Orbell-Smith (Qld), Rob Penfold (Qld), Bronia Renison (Qld), Rolf Schafer (NSW), Angela Smith (NSW), and, Catherine Voutier (Vic). 

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HLA Publications
HLA News: National Bulletin of Health Libraries Australia, ISSN 1448-0840 (Quarterly)
HLA Alerts (Monthly)
HLA Publications Editor: Jane Orbell-Smith AFALIA (CP) E:
HLA Alerts Assistant Editor: Patrick O’Connor.
HLA Alerts Major Contributor: Cheryl Hamill.
HLA Editorial Board:
Ann Ritchie, Cheryl Hamill, Sarah Hayman, Suzanne Lewis, Jane Orbell-Smith, Rob Penfold, Bronia Renison, Catherine Voutier.


 Health Libraries Australia

The vision for HLA is that all Australians benefit from health library and information professionals’ expertise that is integral to evidence based health care. 
Health libraries: better evidence, better health

  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.

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