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Stop Second-Guessing


“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling . . .” (Jude: 1:24).


My daughter, you have not lost your way. You have not missed out on a talent. You have not been short-changed on intelligence, on beauty, on personality, on gifts. You are not supposed to be more coordinated, more funny, more organized, more entertaining. You are not supposed to talk more, lead more, run more, do more.


You are not failing. You are not falling. You are not disappointing . . . Not when you are resting in Me. Not when you are looking to Me for your worth. Not when you are stopping to listen . . . and listening often enough so you recognize the sound of my voice.


Each daughter hears my voice differently, you know. But I am familiar, the same voice, recognized by the children who listen close.


My daughter, do not fret about being more or being less, doing the right thing and not making mistakes.


Take a risk and fall down.

Take a risk and not know what you’re doing.

Take a risk and feel ill-equipped to finish the task.

Take a risk and feel overwhelmed.

And then stop. . .


Did you invite Me in? Did you do these things on your own, on your own strength? What strength was that, child?


You are made to soar, to risk—with Me—and see Me and grab my hand and live unlike you’ve ever lived before: Free.


Stop pondering the ways you need to do life differently. Stop second-guessing where I am and what I love doing with you and how amazing and beautiful I’ve made you to be.


You, my daughter, are the princess-warrior who knows who she is and goes forward saying ‘yes’ to situations where you have to rely on Me.


And then, girl, you will see more of what I see. Then, girl, you will see more of you.  


And you will stop second-guessing.


And life with Me will make more sense.

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