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Agents of Compassion,

Everyday, the Old Story of the World loses its grasp on us, and the space opens ever-wider for the New Story to make its grand debut, little by little, in our lives and on the world stage.

Out of the rubble of the Old Story, we find ourselves in a unique situation: human beings around our shared home, planet Earth, have been woven together by a worldwide web, the internet, and the global world that followed.

Through these connections, we are coming to the realization that no problem or solution exists in isolation from anyone else. Climate change cares not for borders. The sun offers its solar bounty to us all. We all get sick if our air is polluted and water contaminated. We all live better lives when our food is healthy and grown locally. There is no "other," no "enemy" we can justifiably point to now to scapegoat our problems. Born into the situation of any brother or sister in any country, we would likely be just like them, doing as they do.

Today, in about 4 hours time, the world will come together in this emerging spirit to meditate together, envisioning in our minds eye the world we want to live in as a Human Family. It is from that vision, where need to go - rather than where we don't want to go - that we shall herald the New Story into everyday life.

Are you ready, Agents?

Today, September 24th, Compassion Games partner, UNIFY, is hosting Global Synchronized Meditations as a direct expression of the New Story of our time. Together, millions of people around the world will synchronize their minds through the power of meditation, holding within our collective spirit the vision of a peaceful, prosperous, unified Human Family.

Together we will unify over 2,000 communities around the world to engage in synchronized meditations and peace-actions. The collective ripple-effect of our intention and action will inspire compassionate acts and service projects, and will be visualized on our world-wide interactive Event Peace Map. By illuminating these events and activities we are creating opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting.

Agents, take a moment to view the Event Peace Map, and try to identify meditations happening near you that you can attend!

If there aren't any events near you, you can host your own or simply meditate from wherever you are!
Today is the last day of The Global Unity Compassion Games! Agents you have until October 2nd to share all your compassion in action on the Compassion Report Map. Share your reports onto Twitter and FB too! Learn how easy and valuable your reports are here to contribute to the whole.

Remember to report and share your experiences 
on the
Compassion Report Map!

Good luck, Agents!

Yesterday, we passed the Compassion Torch to United Earth today! Join United Earth today LIVE and participate in Global Solutions Day! 

Learn more about United Earth in this Champion Spotlight Article HERE.

On The International Day of Peace, we completed the first EVER 24 Hours of Compassion with 24 different Champions Of Compassion and 24 Missions. Can the world stay calm for 24 hours? Your welcome to bring 24 Hours of Compassion into World Peace Weekend too! The Compassion Report Map is open to report on October 2nd! Game on! #24Hours #BuildngBridges #CompassionUnites
Explore Past Missions!

Want to view past missions that dive into the space between the Old Story, and the New? Want to revisit previous missions, or reconsider how permaculture principles in the missions can support your life?

View Past Missions Here!

Sponsors of the Global Unity Games!

The Global Unity Games are made possible by the incredible support of UNIFYLush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, and the Maritz Family Foundation.

Maritz Family

On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end povertyprotect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each of the 17 goals (found here) has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

Want to get involved? Start by telling everyone about them! Here's a list of actions that you can take in your everyday life to contribute to a sustainable future.
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