January 2015 | Issue 17
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In the field of sports, there is a concept called ‘interval training.’ Interval training can be described as short periods of work followed by rest. The main aim is to improve speed and fitness.
In the field of arts and health, over the past two years Arts Health Network Canada has gone through an intense period of work followed in recent weeks by a short, transitional period of rest and reflection. 

We were fortunate over the past two years to experience an intense workout under the leadership of our Acting Executive Director and the dedication of our contractor resources. This work resulted in drawing over 25,000 visits and over 600 registered users to our website over the past 15 months. In addition we now have over 1,400 Twitter followers and have tracked over 650 ‘likes’ on Facebook.  AHNC has produced three acclaimed infographics covering Dementia and the Arts, Creative Aging and Arts and Health. These were added to over 270 resources available on our website, and an additional 1055 articles available through our community partner, Arts Health BC's  Mendeley Account. This doesn’t count the myriad of conversations we have collectively had over the past years around arts and health.

In recent months there have been some changes in the “faces” that make up the AHNC board. Our founding chairs, Jeremy Long and Lawrence Burr, and our Acting Executive Director, Nicki Kahnamoui, have left us to get on with their lives—but have not left behind their commitment to arts and health. We thank them wholeheartedly for their efforts both ‘on board’ and ‘off board’ to connect arts and health. We also welcome new board members to the board and the renewed commitment of contractors, through our founding partner Arts Health BC. We think we have a great team going forward!

Since the fall of 2014 our outward pace of activity may have appeared more restful, but our inward pace has intensified. We have kept evolving our knowledge base and connections. The AHNC board has reaffirmed our collective purpose and commitment to helping ‘arts meet health, and health meet arts!’ We have started to plan our next phase of intense activity by reflecting on what we have learned from the first phase and agreeing on several immediate actions. Among these immediate actions is continuing to grow our networks and social media presence, developing our resource base including partnerships, and fundraising for our next five years of building connections between the health and arts sectors.

You’ll be hearing more about our plans as we look to the future.  But for now, don’t miss a beat.  Check our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Ludmila Jagiellicz                                          
Chair, Arts Health Network Canada  
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Contemporary Art & the Body
Edmonton, Alberta

April 29- May 2, 2015
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