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What's Up With Landscape Conservation Design?
If you’re new to landscape conservation design, the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives have created a document describing the characteristics of LCDs based on scientific literature and information from conservation practitioners. The first section provides a definition of landscape conservation design—a partner-driven approach to achieve a sustainable, resilient socio-ecological landscape. It is an iterative, collaborative, and holistic process resulting in strategic and spatial products that provide information, analytical tools, maps, and strategies to achieve landscape goals collectively held among partners. The second section describes the characteristics of LCDs, providing more explicit descriptions of the process and approach to achieving the goals of an LCD.
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Have you reviewed the Project Plan? If you haven't seen the most recent Project Plan, take a look at the broad goals, objectives and proposed activities that make up this project.  These ideas were developed through a series of facilitated discussions and polls.  The plan provides a road map for the project and we will adapt this plan as needed.  Your feedback is always welcome and we look forward to incorporate collaborative ideas. 
Pacific Northwest Coast LCD Updates...

Capturing Partnership Commonalities
The foundation of this effort is rooted in what is important to this partnership. To provide that critical baseline, Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture is taking the lead on identifying regional commonalities and themes expressed our partner's mission statements, plans, reports, and publications. 

This presents several challenges. We need to have a common language and account for differences in scale and geography. And, we need to carefully navigate differences in missions and values and be sure we identify the goals in common amidst diverse groups.
We are taking a coarse-fine filter approach, where ecological systems (habitat types) and processes (ex. connectivity and diversity) will represent coarse-filters. Species with unique ecological requisites, not already captured by these communities, or ecological systems, will then serve as fine-filter targets. 

Draft targets will be presented at the November 22nd meeting in Portland.

LCD Funding Strategy
The LCD has formed a Funding Committee to develop a funding strategy to support implementation of the project plan. The draft funding strategy will include costs associated with personnel, projects, communications and outreach and operations, and will identify the costs associated with project plan implementation, particularly within the first two years of implementation. If you are interested in serving on the LCD Funding Committee, please contact Lisa DeBruyckere at, (503) 371-5939. Our first meeting will be in October, and an initial draft of the funding strategy will be presented at the November 22 LCD meeting in Portland.
Social Network Mapping
An important task in our plan is the development of a Social Network Analysis and map. This task will benefit the start of the project by creating an understanding of who is doing what, where collaboration is already existing and how collaboration can be enhanced. A core principle of our project is to integrate science and social learning to understand the landscape. Landscape conservation cannot be done in isolation, and mapping out the existing network will point to particular “nodes” around conservation topics and identify potential gaps and missing links in landscape scale collaboration. This product is envisioned to play a key role in later stages of the project, particularly as we move from landscape assessment to strategies that inform shared strategies. 

The NPLCC was able to use funds to move this task forward. An RFP was sent out and we are in the process of making a selection. Contact us if you want to get engaged. 

More information about social network analysis for conservation can be found in the following resources:
Save the date for our next in-person meeting!
Tues, Nov 22, 2016 
Portland, OR 
David Evans and Associates 
2100 SW River Pkwy, Portland, OR 97201

RSVP HERE - If you are interested in attending. We will send a full agenda and meeting details closer to the November meeting. We encourage you to share the information with anyone who may be interested in participating.
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