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May 2013


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Big THANK YOU to Academy Mortgage for the fantastic webinar we had in April! If you missed the webinar, please visit 203k In A Box for exclusive access!

Success Supplies Section

Special Note from Catherine- Marketing TIME!

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Were you on the call on April 16th with the Academy Mortgage loan officers? NO? Well, you missed an amazing and educational and totally 203k Power Team empowering event- or did you? No- in your 203k Power Team Success supplies package this month, I have provided you the audio recording and the power point slides. You can watch the full 1 hour and 48 minute presentation by clicking the new link "203k Webinar" from the home page of the 203k In A Box website or clicking the link in the Webinar Gallery on the right side of this newsletter. This presentation makes an excellent marketing presentation that you should customize and plan to give to mortgage lender groups in our own marketing areas. 

Also, you should look for the Academy Mortgage agents in your area. Reach out to them and mention the webinar and that you are a 203k In A Box member. If after a few attempts- if you don't get a response from the agent- email me. Mike Wilcox of Academy Mortgage has promised to get the attention of any agent who does not respond to our efforts to introduce our members to them. 

Check this out!

Did you know that you can and should share this newsletter with your business contacts? I do! The information that I give you is also very valuable for mortgage lenders and real estate agents who are looking to grow their understanding of the world of FHA 203k consulting. Feel free to forward this email to your contacts and prospects. See the link on the right side of this newsletter to share this newsletter on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, and also to Forward to Friends.

The 203k Day of Discovery class I referred to last month is going to be held on June 7th in Denver, CO at the Academy Mortgage corporate headquarters- information on this event is on the website. 203k In A Box members are able to attend for just $39 and bring a guest for free! Please send us an email if you're interested in this exclusive offer!

Academy Mortgage loan officers are invited to attend and many expressed their intention to do so when we mentioned it on the webinar. All loan officers are able to attend for free. A great opportunity for you to network with these amazing mortgage professionals!

Testimonial Contest

Would you like a $25 Amazon gift card? All you have to do is submit a testimonial on why 203k In A Box has helped you in becoming a successful 203k consultant! The first member to submit a testimonial this month will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! Just click the link on the right side of this newsletter. 

Jessa's Corner

We are in the process of creating an exclusive list of 203k In A Box Consultants on our website. We will launch the page as soon as we receive information from our members! Don't miss out on this business increasing opportunity to help get your name out there! The webpage will be available for mortgage lenders, real estate agents, and home buyers to find the best FHA 203k consultants in the industry, aka 203k In A Box members! The site will be easier to navigate than the HUD website and you will be able to market to the exact area that you want to. What we need from you, our loyal members, is information about your business. Please send me an email with your website address and also what counties you service. Please click the link below to email me your information and I will update it immediately! Thank you for your help!

The "Story" on Streamlined 203(k)

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In last week's webinar, Mike Wilcox of Academy mortgage emphasized to his agents the importance of using a 203k consultant for feasibility study reports over home inspection reports for the Streamline K buyer. This is because when a home inspection report is shown to an underwriter, it raises a whole host of concerns that in most cases are NOT FHA required safety or soundness repairs. Underwriters, in an effort to protect the investor, many times will call for repairs to be added to the 203k streamlined work write-up simply because the home inspector indicated an item was "at the end of its useful life". This is a great opening for you to market your services to real estate agents as a better way to get the 203k Streamlined transaction to settlement. 

To help refresh your memories (and for all the new members in our Power Teams), I am re-printing the article that was published in the February 2012 newsletter. As Anthony Robbins says "Repetition is the mother of skill". 

The home buying public is becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities created by the 203k Rehab Mortgage. Foreclosure rates may be slightly lower, but the overall condition of many homes being sold fall far short of the FHA Minimum Property Standards (MPS). This, plus the extremely competitive nature of rates for FHA insured mortgages, are just two of the more obvious reasons why people are turning to 203k's. - and most of them are trying to use the Streamlined 203k product. So what's the "story" on 203k Streamline anyway?

The FHA Streamlined 203k program is a modification of the "standard" 203k product that allows "simple, un-complicated" repairs to be completed based on a contractor's proposal and appraisal report only- eliminating the requirement for a buyer to use an FHA 203k consultant for the work write-up and post settlement draw inspections. 

All this you know, as well as what the repairs are than can and can NOT be included in a Streamlined 203k. What you may not know are some of the difficulties and opportunities that are developing with the new popularity of this product.

Many states have home center stores (like Lowe's and Home Depot) that advertise that they can "do the streamlined 203k" for borrowers. Be careful recommending this to your clients as many lenders are not accepting these stores as qualified to complete the required Homeowner/Contractor Agreement. More and more lenders are taking greater care verifying the qualifications of the contractors even for these rehab projects that are designed to be small and uncomplicated.

Also, many buyer's and their contractors are finding the scope of work they planned and budgeted to be paid with the Streamline K do no include all required MPS items. The appraiser comes in close to the settlement date and finds repair needs not listed by the contractor's proposal- these repairs are causing the buyer to have to seek out an FHA consultant at the "11th hour" because the new project costs exceeds the 35K max, and/or the appraiser identifies structural repairs. 

This is where you now have an opportunity. Market to your contact base (agents, lenders, buyers) to have YOU "pre-qualify" the property for the Streamline K with a pre-purchase feasibility report. You can even offer to include FHA repair information in your home inspection reports (hint - a USP). You will be viewed as the hero helping the buyer use the Streamline K successfully - a true WIN WIN for everybody! Check out the Power Team site for a flyer that prompts this - all ready to print!

Reach out to your local Academy Mortgage loan officer- let them know that they are encouraged NOT to use home inspectors for Streamlined K loans - and tell them you are ready to help them get their loans to settlement without the home inspection hang ups!

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

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The month of April was full to the brim with activities and new opportunities for members of the 203k In A Box power teams. The Academy Mortgage informational webinar that was held on April 16th was a huge success. We had 65 loan officers on the call. They learned how adding or increasing their 203k loans is easy and profitable-that is, when using a 203k In A Box trained FHA consultant. The feedback following the event was amazing. On page 4, I will be talking more about this. 

As a result of the flood of response from the agents, we have added a 203k consultant roster on the website. It is complete with one important exception- we need your input! All active 203k In A Box members need to email us their company name, website address and the areas you serve0 by county and state (if you cross borders). Please get this information to us as soon as possible so we can launch the site. 

Finally, please keep watch for an email with the details for connecting to the new webinar service we are starting to use effective May 2013. Start Meeting will be the new company we use for webinar. 

The World's Greatest Networker

by Harvey Mackay

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So, who is the worlds greatest networker? The President of the United States.

Which President?

Any President?

Whoever is president at any given moment has made it there and succeeded or failed once in office on the basis of his networking skills.

Presidents grub around for votes in New Hampshire snow banks. They call their friends and their friends' friends begging for money. They bargain with members of Congress, swapping appointments and porkbarrel projects for support for their legislative programs.

Presidents hold press conferences and try to reach beyond the hostile questioning to score points with the electorate. They travel to military installations to show their concern for the soldiers risking their lives for their country. They attend funerals, go abroad, project empathy with minorities and the disadvantaged, kiss babies, visit hospitals, attend fundraisers, listen to lobbyists and big cigars tell them how to run the country, they send up trial balloons, suffer fools, point with pride and view with alarm.

In other words, they are the ultimate networkers.

The book "Truman," by David McCullough, contains a story about Harry Truman when he was about to leave office. The Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower had defeated Adlai Stevenson in the Presidential election that Fall. Ike had made an issue out of the failures of the Truman administration, and there was no love lost between the general and the former haberdasher. 

“When Eisenhower gets here,” said Truman, pointing to his desk, “he’ll sit right here, and he’ll say to do this, do that! And nothing will happen. Poor Ike. It won’t be a bit like the army. He’ll find it very frustrating.”
Truman was half right.
He knew that the Constituation grants a president only a tiny fraction of what he needs to govern and that the rest depends on his ability to persuade others to carry out his wishes.
But Truman was wrong in assuming that Ike didn’t have that ability. Ike succeeded as Supreme Allied Commander in World War II not because he could bark oders louder than the other generals, but because he could handle prickly personalities like Montgomery, Patton, Churchill and de Gaulle.
He listened to their complaints. He mediated their disputes. He let them bask in the limelight. He flattered them. He cajoled them. He asked them their opinions. He thanked them for their input.
And then he won the war.
And then he won the election.
This is how presidents get to be presidents.
They write thank-you notes. George Bush was known as “the Rolodex Kid.” Wheelock Whitney, a friend of mine who was a classmate of Bush’s, told me that Bush wrote down the name of every person he met at every precinct, city, country, state, and national political gathering he attended over a lifetime, together with “whatever” personal information. He made a point of using that information as a creative way to stay in touch.
I know that’s true because I have friends who heard Bush speak at a political rally when he was vice president and met him briefly at a cocktail party. One of them promptly got a hand-written personal note from him that contained some factoid Bush had picked up from their meeting. The second one got a telephone call out of the blue one day when Bush was between planes at the Twin Cities airport.
Both of those people, substantial business types, have been dining out on their “close personal friendship” with “George” for the last decade and a half.
Bill Clinton, the first Democratic president to be reelected since FDR, told “The New York Times” that for most of his life, every evening before he turned in, he listed every contract he’d made that day and entered the names on 3 x 5 cards, with vital statistics, time and place of the meetings and all other pertinent information duly noted.
Richard Nixon found a very creative way to capitalize on all the information he had collected. Say a fellow walked into Nixon headquarters and said what he did for a living, “I’m a barber,” he might say. 

The Art of Communication (Part 1 of 7 in Series)

by Kevin Hogan

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Communication is your door to financial wealth, loving relationships, and all that is good in life. Communication is the most talked about and least understood area of human behavior. 

Our ability to communicate in so many modes is unique to humans on earth.

People who do not have the ability to speak can be wonderful communicators. The loss of one or two senses certainly can impair communication, but it does not have to stop communication. 

Effective communication is rarely taught and even more rarely learned in our society. During this and the upcoming months, we will be sharing an outline of a few of the many keys to mastering the art of communication. Superior communication skills are unquestionably vital to living a life by your own design. 

Interpersonal communication includes at least 7 basic elements- here are the first four. Next month, we will share the remainder as well as "unpack" each one for you.
  1. A transmitter. Someone who wants to "send" a message verbally or non-verbally to someone else.
  2. A receiver. Someone who will "receive" a message from another person.
  3. A message. Information in some form.
  4. Noise. Anything that interferes or causes the deletion, distortion or generalization of the exact replication of informaiton being transmitted from the mind of the transmitter to the mind of the receiver. 
Be sure to look for the continuation in this series in upcoming issue. 

Becoming an Effective Leader

by Frank Massine

I recently had an outpatient procedure at a medical center. I was impressed by the RN that was attending to me. I know this nurse from previous visits, but this visit was different. She was quick to introduce me to a medical student that she was apparently mentoring. The RN was very patient with the student and carefully explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it. She also told of experiences that she had with other patients that would give the student a wider insight to the importance of what she was doing. This RN, who was nearing the age that she would be eligible for retirement soon, had lots of experience and was doing an amazing job of not only teaching her profession to the next generation, but was doing it in such a way that the student was becoming excited about her future as a nurse. 

I observed the interaction between the two with great interest because i really believe in mentoring and apprenticeships. I believe this is an important ingredient that makes a society and communities strong. You can't learn everything from a book. On the job training is essential in most trades. What better way to learn than to work with someone who is experienced and has mastered the trade and is willing to pass on his accumulated knowledge and experience on to someone else. 

Whether you call it coaching, mentoring or apprenticeship, the principles are the same. The mentee can greatly benefit from the mentor's experience. It has often been said that experience is the best teacher. But through mentoring you can accelerate and duplicate your experience. In mentoring, the mentor can give his understudy the benefits of his mistakes and know-how, saving him a big learning cure and costly mistakes. 

Benjamin Franklin describes mentoring this way, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." Leaders should always leave a legacy of their accomplishments by passing on their experience to those they lead. Their influence of others should be to build people up, encourage and edify them so they can duplicate their own skill level so everyone can reach new levels of success quicker. 

What's Inside?

"The only price for anything desired in life is everlasting persistence and faith."
-Catherine Hall
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Since this is the month we honor our military heroes, I thought it would be a great time to tell you about a wonderful and worthwhile organization - Wounded Warrior Project. Their mission is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history. They provide everything from clothing, financial and emotional aid to campaigns to raise awareness of the needs of our wounded warriors. Please make a one time donation today at
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