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Summer Classes


Math Conversation with Mathematigal

Meet Saramoira Shields, a.k.a. MathematiGal  â€“ mathematician, actress, and advocate for girls & women in STEM! Saramoira dispels myths about math achievement, and what kind of person can become a mathematician or scientist. She is funny, entertaining, and passionate. She wants to tell her story, hear your story, and talk about these issues. Spread the word and bring a friend!

When: Saturday June 14th 1pm – 3pm
Where: Ithaca Generator Makerspace, 116 W Green St
Cost: FREE but space is limited, please pre-register

Electric Cargo Bikes: Introduction to the Revolution

You take the blue pill–you stay in the world of traffic jams, road rage, oil spills, and global warming. You take the red pill–you enter the world of the electric cargo bike. A kind of bike that can carry passengers and groceries, approaching and in some ways surpassing the utility of a car, but without all the baggage. We’ll explore the history of cargo bikes, hear from a few Ithacans who ride cargos, see a few short movies, and wrap up by riding around downtown on some of Boxy Bikes’ rental bikes. Free. No requirements.

Instructor: Laurence Clarkberg
When: Friday June 20th 7pm to 9pm
Where: Ithaca Generator in Press Bay Alley (116 West Green St.)

Light-following Robot bug

Saturday June 21st 10am – noon at Ithaca Generator
For rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders

Erik Herman from Xraise will guide you through building your very own light-following robot bug!  We will be employing some cost-saving innovations on the original project (developed locally by Ben Finio of Science Buddies) that debuted at IG last year.The project is inspired by the popular “Bristlebot” project (also similar to the Hexbug Nano if you’ve ever seen one of those). It uses toothbrush heads and vibrating pager motors to make the main body of the robot and make it move – but we add some simple circuitry and light sensors to allow it to steer left and right. This is a great introductory electronics project, appropriate for kids and beginners – but also fun for experienced users!”

Cost: FREE but space is limited, please pre-register. Thanks to Xraise for supporting this program! 

Firework Blast Earrings

Saturday June 21st 2014 2-4pm at Ithaca Generator

Fireworks Earrings Class - Elizabeth Lassing - 6-21-14

The 4th of July is just around the corner – get festive this year by designing your own earrings inspired by the fantastic fireworks display of the holiday! This class teaches you all the techniques you need to know to get started crafting your own earrings of all different styles. Students will learn how to use different jewelry pliers – round nose, flat note, and chain nose pliers – and different materials to create simple dangles, classic chandeliers, and fantastic cluster earrings. Once you get started, you’ll be designing your own fabulous earrings for every occasion!


Fibonacci Spirals

When: July 5th 2014 2-4pm

Did you know that spirals aren’t only decorative, they’re also mathematical? The inspiration for this class comes from
the famous Fibonacci Spiral, also known as the Golden Spiral, a
beautiful display found in nature that is generated by a simple yet fascinating sequence of added numbers. Learn how to bring spirals to jewelry with handcrafted links, pendants, and components all inspired by the Golden Spiral, and learn about the Fibonacci Sequence too as you craft your necklace link by link. Students will gain experience using different jewelry pliers and tools to create fabulous necklaces and earrings from copper wire.
Location: Ithaca Generator
Cost: $16

Maker Camp!



Each Friday in July and August explore a new DIY project at IG — last year at Maker Camp we learned to solder blinky robot pins, made helium balloon blimps,  t-shirts with sun-activated dye, diddly bow guitars, EL-wire hoodies, and much more! Details of projects will be announced the preceding week, and registration for each event will be posted on the IG website. Sign up here to get an email when projects are announced and registration opens.

Design Workshop - Storyboarding 21st Century Experiences

Instructor: Xanthe Matychak
When: 7/12 10am to 1pm
Where: Ithaca Generator 116 W Green St.

The designer-user relationship is changing. In a hyper-connected world, technology users are much more technologically literate than they used to be. All over the web we see amateur designers making and selling logos and apps. And some of them are pretty good! 

So what are professional designers and developers to do? Up our game with UxD!In this workshop, we’ll discuss three concepts for understanding 21st century user-experiences:

  • Expertise – How might we value different types of expertise in a hyper-connected world?
  • Empathy – How might we understand problems from multiple points of view?
  • Emotion – How might we develop solutions that are not only practical but engage peoples’ emotions?
After this discussion, we’ll use storyboarding techniques to put these concepts into action!

Learn to Brew Beer

In this course you will learn the basics of homebrewing beer. The course will give you a general overview of how beer is made, teach you the terms and some of the science behind making beer, and we will brew a batch of beer while we do all of this.

All participants will receive 4 sample beers of the batch that will be demonstrated in the class as well as a one gallon brewing kit. If you have ever wondered how you can make your own delicious beer, and increase your knowledge of beer styles and ingredients, this class will get you started in the right direction.

Instructor: Brandon Fortenberry is an avid home brewer with a passion for great beers of all kinds. His approach to beer making is to learn the basics, and then push the boundaries!

When: July 14th 6:30pm-9:30pm
Where: Ithaca Generator
Cost: $43

Spark a Reaction! Wearable Electronics

July 16th and 23rd 4:00pm – 6:30pm
at the Tompkins County Public Library
Learn how electronics can be integrated into clothing to produce garments and accessories that can move, emit sound, and light up in response to their environment! In this two-part workshop pre-teens and teens can try on some microcontroller-based wearable projects, and design and make their own wearable circuitry to take home. No electronics experience necessary. Participants will have the option to borrow arduino kits to take their projects to the next level, and show off their creations at an expo in August. Facilitated by Ithaca Generator Makerspace.
Please contact TCPL to register.


Royal Pearl Bracelet – Intro to Elegant Beadweaving

July 19th 2014, 2-4pm at Ithaca Generator 

Dive into the beautiful world of beadweaving, a technique of crafting jewelry from weaving together smaller beads to create lush, elegant designs. This class teaches jewelry fans all of the beginnings tips and tricks for getting started. Students will get started with one of the easiest types of weaves, the Right Angle Weave, as they lace together pearls and delicate seed beads to create this sophisticated bracelet. Students will learn about different types of needles, threads, tools, and hints for smooth beading and strong projects. Beadweaving projects are fantastic opportunities for practicing patterns, symmetry, balance of materials, and patience when designing and crafting your own unique jewelry. For adults and teens 14+

All materials will be supplied for the class.
Students are welcomed to bring their own color choice of 6mm pearls and Size 11 seed beads if desired. Instructor: Elizabeth Lassing Cost: $22

Tech & Engineering camp for girls

GERLS camp – Girl Engineers Really Love Science!

Experience new technologies and have fun with science in this week-long camp for girls. Explore how technology is transforming our lives, providing new ways of expressing ourselves, and helping to solve world problems. We will invent our own electronic gadgets, and take field trips to visit with female engineers who are designing and building projects at Cornell. Like to be creative? Upcycle e-waste into useful items, and star in your own pixilation animation. Get your hands on Science, with edible chemistry and funky physics! Female mentors and new friends will make this a fun and supportive experience.

When: July 28 – August 1st 2014   9am – 4pm  (campers can arrive at 8:30am and stay until 4:30pm, if needed)
Where: eXploration Station at Cornell (161 Synchrotron Drive) and Ithaca Generator makerspace (116 W Green St)
Instructors: Lora Hine, Erik Herman, and Claire Fox
Who: Middle School students (rising 6th-8th graders)
Cost: $150 (Need-based scholarships are available. Contact Lora Hine for information at

Students should bring a lunch and snack, all other supplies are included.

**Note that admission into the camp is not on a first-come first-served basis. Notification of acceptance will be given on June 20th. Contact if you have any questions.

Laser party!

Thanks to the supporters of our Indiegogo campaign, Ithaca Generator now has a laser cutter! We'll unveil the laser cutter to the public at a special open house on June 18th, an event that coincides with the White House's Makerfaire and nationwide Day of Making. From 4 to 8pm on the 18th, we'll be open to the public with demos for everyone to check out. That same day we'll hold a special laser cutter information session just for members and Indiegogo campaign supporters. Watch your email for details. If you'd like to demonstrate a project of your own during the open house, send us an email.

Support Ithaca's Physics Bus

Our friend, Erik Herman, who frequently teaches at IG, is running an Indiegogo campaign to bring a physics bus to Ithaca and we hope you'll consider supporting it. The physics bus will be a rolling machine of STEM education and we think it will be a great addition to Ithaca's science opportunities.

Regular Meetings

3D Printing Meetup
Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

Science Fiction Book Club
Second Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm

Geek Night
Wednesdays, 6-9pm

Game Developers Clinic
Thursdays, 6-8:30pm

Game Night
Alternate Fridays, 7-10pm

Craft Night
Alternate Saturdays, 8pm-12am

Check the calendar for more events.
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