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Every other year the Ulrich Finsterwalder Structural Engineering Award is given to the best structures designed by engineering offices based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The award ceremony will be held at the end of January in Munich, Germany. As a member of the jury I'd like to present to you not only the prize-winner and the runners-up but also show you a selection of the other competing entries. All 46 projects submitted for the prize are listed in Structurae. 

Best regards,
Nicolas Janberg
Chief Editor of Structurae

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For the first time, this year's Structural Engineering Award presented by Ernst & Sohn publishers in Berlin was named for Ulrich Finsterwalder, a pioneering structural engineer in Germany known for concrete shells, bridges and many other innovations. Here are the awardees and a selection of some of the other entries for the award competition.
Kaeng Krachan Elefant Park at the Zurich Zoo (photo: Walt + Galmarini)


Kaeng Krachang Elephant Park

(Zurich Zoo, Switzerland)

The new home for the Asian elephants of the Zurich Zoo features an impressive shell roof with a diameter of 85 meters and made of laminated wood. It covers a quasi-natural environment for the pachyderms. More...

Ultimate Trough Test Loop (photo: schlaich bergermann und partner)


Ultimate Trough Test Loop

Lockhart, California, USA

An experimental installation for more cost-effective solar power generation proved to be not just a structural challenge. More...

Expansion of the Iffezheim Power Plant (photo: Kempfert + Partner Geotechnik GmbH)


Excavation for the expansion of the Iffezheim Hydropower Plant

Iffezheim, Germany

Complex boundary conditions governed the calculations for the excavations necessary for adding a fifth turbine to the dam.  More...

Grubentalbrücke (photo: schlaich bergermann und partner)


Grubental Viaduct

Goldisthal, Germany

This semi-integral arch bridge will help carry high-speed trains through a remote mountain range at 300 kph. More...

Mettlach Suspension Bridge (photo: Roland Nizet)


Rehabilitation of the Mettlach Suspension bridge

Mettlach, Germany

In order to increase the bridge's capacity for live loads the deck was lightened using an SPS deck system. More...

A total of 46 projects were submitted for the Ulrich Finsterwalder Structural Engineering Award 2015. All of the projects are listed in Structurae.
Albert Canal Bridge at Geel, Belgium (photo: Jan de Nul Group / Patrick Henderyckx / schlaich bergermann und partner)
Alfred Lion Bridge, Berlin (photo: Kolb Ripke Architekten Planungsgesellschaft mbH)
Arena da Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil (photo: Marcus Bredt / schlaich bergermann und partner)
Baakenhafen Bridge, Hamburg (photo: Inge Kanakaris-Wirtl)
Bus Terminal, Aarau, Switzerland (photo: form-TL ingenieure)
Café 3.440, Waldspitz Aerial Tram (photo: Aste-Weissteiner ZT GmbH)
Shenzhen Bao'an Airport - Terminal 3 (photo: Knippers Helbig)
Weissenstein Gymnasium, Bern (photo: Dominique Uldry / Penzel Valier AG)
Waldschlößchenbrücke, Dresden (photo: Nicolas Janberg)
Roof over the exit drive at Auto City Client Center, Wolfsburg (photo: Tobias Hein / schlaich bergeremann und partner)

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