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Raid on Goshen Horse Farm
Uncovers Cruelty


In response to a report of suspected animal cruelty at Argus Farm in Goshen, our Humane Law Enforcement team raided the property to find a den of horrors in its barn. Four of the barn's eighteen stalls contained the decomposed bodies of horses who had presumably starved to death. In one, an eight-week old foal lay collapsed beside its mother in a nursing position. In another, an emaciated stallion, still very much alive, stood over the remains of his deceased friend. With no grain, hay or water on site, and without a way out of his locked stall, the stallion had been attempting to eat a wood window sill to survive. His hooves were overgrown, split and infected from exposure to the filthy floor. The remaining fourteen stalls were found to contain no animals but were filled with a foot or more of feces.
Emaciated stallion
An emaciated stallion
was found locked in a stall with the remains
of a dead horse.
His split, overgrown hooves
had become infected from standing in his filthy stall. 

Outside the barn, barely concealed by the threads of a weather-worn tarp, the skeletons of a further six horses were discovered. 
The property's owner, Jeanne Ryan, has been arrested on charges of failing to dispose of deceased animals properly. However, additional charges are pending. Ryan, a former New York City Police Officer, is denying all allegations.

Like you, the HVSPCA team is heartbroken and angry over all of those horses we could not save. But there is a tiny beacon of light in knowing that the one horse we were able to rescue is expected to recover under veterinary care. What is more, our community is rallying to strengthen laws to protect animals and to more aggressively prosecute those who would hurt them.
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